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NOT GOOD: Europe’s JUNE CUT Signals Major Economic Danger For The US

Sean Foo:  5-11-2024

The ECB has signalled they are cutting rates in June, but this isn’t good news. It’s admission that Europe’s economy is weak and it’s time to goose up the system again.

This is bad news for the Fed because rate cuts might not even come in 2024.

Staying higher for longer is pushing the US over the cliff and by the time the cuts come in, it might already be too late. Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 ECB’s Deadly June Cut

3:14 US Economy “A House Of Cards”

5:39 Cuts Signals Recession RISK

8:10 US Consumer Sentiment Collapse

10:52 The Fed Is Trapped

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Is $20,000 GOLD Possible? Let’s Talk About It…

Greg Mannarino:  5-12-2024

CHINESE Yuan Knocked Down EURO: Who is next?

Fastepo:  5-12-2024

As of April 2024, the Chinese yuan continues to hold its position as the world’s second-most used currency in SWIFT trade settlements surpassing Euro, maintaining a significant share of 5.8% of international payments since September 2023.

This status underscores China’s growing economic influence and its strategic moves to internationalize its currency, aligning with its broader geopolitical and economic goals, including engagements within the BRICS bloc.

The rise in the yuan’s usage in global finance is attributed to several factors, including China’s extensive trade networks and increased acceptance of the yuan in trade finance, particularly in regions experiencing economic volatility.

The yuan’s role as a trade and reserve currency has been strategically bolstered through bilateral agreements and the establishment of currency swap lines with various central banks worldwide.

Overall, the yuan’s ascent in the rankings of global currencies is a reflection of China’s advancing economic stature and the international community’s increasing confidence in engaging with its currency for global trade and finance transactions.

In this video, we’ll delve into the current dynamics of two major currencies: the Chinese Yuan and the Euro.

We’ll explore the strategic initiatives that China and the European Union are implementing to shape the future of their currencies.

Additionally, we’ll discuss how China’s involvement in the BRICS alliance has bolstered its position in the global trade arena.

And finally, in the video, we will compare digital currency developments in China with those in the European Union, examining how each is advancing their digital currency initiatives.