Economist’s “News and Views” Sunday 6-9-2024


Turkey Just Changed the Entire Future of Europe with THIS One Move!

Cyrus Janssen:  6-9-2024

Turkey to join BRICS! It’s official, Turkey is moving away from the EU and will move closer to BRICS, China, and Russia.

Turkey has been a NATO member since 1952 and this is the first time we’ve seen a NATO member shift away from the US and EU and move closer to BRICS.

What does this mean for the future of Europe and geopolitics around the world? Let’s break it down!

How The End Of The US Empire Will Affect You | Matthew Piepenburg

Liberty and Finance:  6-9-2024

Gold is replacing the US dollar as a reserve currency, says Matthew Piepenburg  This is not the end of the US dollar or America, but it is the end of American hegemony.

Piepenburg urges people to pay attention to what really matters and reject the culture wars that are causing even more chaos in the U.S. Staying in reality is important.

And in the financial realm, it is imperative to hold real assets in these times of deception.


0:00 Intro

1:20 Fiat currency crisis

 14:53 Inflation is theft

 17:50 BRICS+ Dollar holdings

29:00 Gold repatriation & accumulation

35:20 True freedom

43:00 Reject mainstream media

Economic Crisis “Much Worse than 2008” Imminent with Henrik Zeberg

WTFinance:  6-8-2024

On this episode of the WTFinance podcast I had the pleasure of welcoming back Henrik Zeberg. During our conversation we spoke about Henrik’s current thoughts on markets, why bull market could extend to September, what this means for his portfolio, risk of an economic crisis “much worse than 2008” and more. I hope you enjoy!

 0:00 – Introduction

0:54 – Current thoughts about markets?

2:30 – What has changed outlook?

 5:20 – Prolonged bull market?

 8:17 – Key economic indicators?

12:31 – Similar to end of 2022?

16:17 – Repeat of 2008?

21:27 – Exposure to high beta

24:18 – Crypto price targets?

24:33 – meme stock trend

 28:05 – Position after top?

30:14 – Thoughts on precious metals?

 32:58 – What happens after crash?

37:30 – One message to takeaway from our conversation?