Economist’s “News and Views” Thursday 11-30-2023


The Dollar Will Fail – Robert Kiyosaki, David Garofalo


Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest David Garofalo, Chairman and CEO of Gold Royalty Corp, discuss the current state of the mining industry, the value of gold and silver, and the concept of royalties.

They highlight the decreasing purchasing power of the US dollar and the increasing price of gold since the decoupling from the gold standard.

Garofalo explains that owning a royalty in a mining company can provide protection against cost inflation and allow for diversification. Kiyosaki expresses his interest in investing in gold and silver as a protection against economic instability.

Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, James Rickards & Russ Gray give killer discussion on Money

Adam Taggert:  11-30-2023

Recently, I was invited to host a panel discussion on “The Future of Money: at the New Orleans Investment Conference, which has a well-earned reputation for attracting the world’s foremost authorities on geopolitics, economics and investments.

 I’ve moderated this panel for several years running and, while the talent is elite, it has become a gathering of friendly peers who – with goodwill and respect – reunite to peel away as much of the fog obscuring the road ahead as they can, giving us a clearer view of where our currency & money is headed.

As usual Danielle DiMartino Booth, Jim Rickards and Russ Gray were there. And this year we had the pleasure of welcoming Lyn Alden to the group.

I’ll start the replay of this panel discussion in a moment, but first let me note that this panel was just a single hour of the 5 DAYS WORTH of excellent presentations, debates, panels and workshops that just concluded at this year’s New Orleans Conference.

Inflation Is Now Guaranteed, ‘Rate Cuts In 2024’ Signals Major Warning

Atlantis Report:  11-30-2023

Central banks in major economies including the US and European Union have raised interest rates aggressively for more than a year to curb inflation that reached 8.7% globally in 2022, the highest level since the mid 1990s.

The most recent insights from the International Monetary Fund depict a volatile economic landscape, characterized by persistent struggles for the world economy to regain stability.

Escalating food prices have a widespread impact across diverse demographics, resulting in a surge in demand at food assistance centers.

The United States, grappling with a 40-year high in inflation at 9.1%, witnesses an increasing number of first-time families seeking aid due to soaring grocery prices and rising fuel costs.

Meanwhile, the 2024 outlook indicates a trajectory of sluggish growth, heightened inflation, and geopolitical tensions that keep the global economy on the edge of uncertainty. Moody’s indicates that elevated interest rates will affect households in the coming year, urging vigilance as central banks navigate unpredictable climate conditions and geopolitical events that could introduce volatility to energy and food prices in 2024.

Inflation is now guaranteed, and rate cuts in 2024 are signaling major warning.