Economist’s “News And Views” Tuesday 11-21-2023


Saudi Arabia Signs Yuan Deal As Argentina Dumps BRICS For US Dollars

Sean Foo:  11-21-2023

The currency war is heating up as the Middle Crisis escalates. Saudi Arabia is accelerating their move away from the dollar.

They have signed a Yuan swap deal with China.

However, Argentina is now moving to exit BRICS and embracing the US dollar. Will dollarizing the country save Argentina’s economic collapse?

 Here’s what you must know!

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 Saudi Arabia Yuan Deal

 2:45 MidEast Dollar Dump

6:05 America’s Big Crisi

 8:34 Argentina Exits BRICS For USD

11:48 Currency War Heats Up

“This Is The BIGGEST REAL ESTATE BUBBLE IN HISTORY” Mike Maloney & Alan Hibbard


In 2004, Mike Maloney stood alone in warning about an overinflated real estate market. By 2008, his predictions had come true, unveiling a crisis that affected millions.

Today, we’re on the brink of something even bigger, and we believe it’s crucial for you to be informed. You may not have come across this in mainstream media, but signs are pointing to the largest real estate bubble in history, dwarfing the 2008 crisis.

 To shed light on this critical issue, Mike’s brought in expert analyst Alan Hibbard to join Mike in our latest video. Alan uses the 20-City Index as a proxy for home values and the recent trend is shocking.

The Real Home Price Index shows the average price of a home today is roughly 125% overvalued today. Mike says “real estate could lose more than half of its value during the next correction.”

 But that’s not all. Alan Hibbard brings his expertise to the table, using a mortgage calculator to demonstrate how increasing interest rates are dramatically raising housing costs. This significant increase in interest payments for homebuyers is alarming, especially when compared to just a few years ago.

They compare the current market with the 2008 crisis, exploring charts, predictions, and the profound impact of rising interest rates on housing affordability. But this isn’t just a conversation about real estate. This eye-opening discussion is a must-watch for anyone concerned about their financial future in these uncertain times.

Whether you’re a homeowner, investor, or simply someone who wants to stay informed of this developing crisis, this video is for you.–0AczPYu80%3Ffeature%3Doembed%26enablejsapi%3D1

Insider Tips for the Coming System Reset/Crazy Times: Lynette Zang Opens Her Home to Daniela Cambone


In this unique interview, Lynette gives an exclusive tour of her breathtaking property. She also invites us to discuss the importance of returning to our roots, building community and why we must think critically during this economic reset.


0:00 Lynette Zang

2:02 Economic Crisis

13:51 Home Tour

 22:55 Self Sustainability

32:55 Community