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Wells Fargo CEO Sends Massive Warning To Americans

Atlantis Report:  12-12-2023

The CEO of Wells Fargo warns of expenses which range from around 750 million to just under $1 billion, primarily due to severance costs associated with worker layoffs

. This unexpected expense is attributed to the focus on efficiency and it indicates a proactive move by the bank to manage its headcount more aggressively. The warning is delivered in the context of broader changes in the financial landscape, specifically related to the Basel 3 end game.

It is a set of international banking regulations that aims to strengthen rules, supervision and risk management within the sector.

Banks are preparing for this regulatory change. It is expected to lead to a wave of failures and a shift in the industry landscape. It proposes changes in calculation of capital, especially banks with assets of $100 billion or more.

This includes reflecting gains or losses in portfolios deemed available for sale. It includes a provision allowing the acquisition of distressed institutions. This will lead to increased consolidation in the sector as stronger absorb weaker ones.

The industry, including major banks like Wells Fargo, is undergoing mass layoffs and restructuring due to factors such as increased fund costs, concerns over loan losses and changes in regulations like Basel 3 which is going to significantly impact jobs.

It is a strategic move to streamline operations and adjust to the upcoming shifts in the industry. The deadline for Basel 3 is set for July 2025, prompting banks to become more aggressive in preparing for this transition.

 Taking actions such as securing loans and investing in real estate are good options to navigate the upcoming challenges.

 The significant changes are going to happen in the system by January 2025, indicating an imminent shift in the financial outlook. It is expected to impact various sectors.

This Major Economy’s Collapse Just Pulled The Trigger!

Sean Foo:  12-11-2023

Japan’s economic collapse just got worse with GDP collapsing by 2.9%. As the 3rd largest economy moves towards a recession, the global economy is now impacted with a collapsing demand as well.

 Here’s why the US and the global economy will be facing a big crisis in 2024.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 A Big Economy Crashes

 2:57 Global Demand Destruction

 5:31 A Deadly Pivot

8:04 US Lag Effect Coming

 10:59 Money Supply Collapse

LIVE! Exposing FAKE Inflation Number. “Government” Expenditures BALLOON! 2024 SEVERE RECESSION

Greg Mannarino:  12-12-2023