Economist’s “News and Views” Tuesday 5-28-2024


Andy Schectman: Report of New Partially Gold-Backed BRICS Settlement Currency

Arcadia Economics:  5-28-2024

While gold and silver prices have rallied over the past 3 months there’s been a lot of coverage about how much gold China and the central banks have been buying. But quietly in the background, it’s now being reported by Pepe Escobar that the BRICS have been moving forward a project to create a BRICS settlement payment currency.

That Escobar says is now being officially examined by the BRICS Business Council and could be adopted potentially as early as 2025.

 Interestingly, it fits with recent comments by former Goldman Sachs commodity chief Jeff Currie about what’s happening in the oil, gold, and commodity markets, and in today’s show Andy Schectman talks about the news and what he’s hearing as well.

To find out more, and get caught up to speed on the latest precious metals news, click to watch the video now!

The NDB is Fundamental to BRICS: Let’s Talk

Think BRICS:  5-28-2024

Unlock the Secrets of the BRICS New Development Bank – Your Gateway to the Rising Economic Powers!

Discover the captivating history and inner workings of this game-changing financial institution in our comprehensive video guide.

 Join economic experts as they dive deep into the role of the New Development Bank’s five members, its pioneering projects, and the transformative benefits it offers compared to traditional institutions like the World Bank.

Get unbiased reviews and an in-depth comparison of its financial services, highlighting the best features that make it a force to be reckoned with.

Discover how to qualify for NDB loans and its far-reaching economic impact on the global stage.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in BRICS countries, understanding BRICS trade agreements, navigating BRICS financial services, or seeking insights into BRICS member country investments.

 In this episode, we’re joined by Rhod McKenzie from @SCOBRICSInsight and Terry Boyland, CEO of Firm Economics (

 Together, we explore the evolution of the NDB, its partnerships with other financial institutions, and its role in promoting economic sovereignty among BRICS nations.

We’ll also discuss how the NDB supports disaster relief efforts, such as the recent flooding in Brazil, and the strategic collaborations that enhance global economic sustainability.

While this comprehensive podcast delves deep into the New Development Bank and its role within the BRICS economic bloc, it does not provide information on registering for BRICS summits or directly compare the BRICS alliance to the G7.

Stay OUT Of Dollar & Debt Markets; “Terminal Decline” Of Fiat Currencies | Francis Hunt

Liberty and Finance:  5-27-2024

Precious metals are breaking out of trading rages. The gold/silver ratio has broken down, which means silver is outperforming dramatically.

 Francis Hunt expects this to continue while he forecasts a rise in both metals.

Paper currencies are in “terminal decline,” says Francis Hunt …He cautions against holding a lot of cash in the banks.


 0:00 Intro

1:10 Gold/Silver ratio

4:25 Silver update

 10:30 Platinum update

18:30 Societal collapse