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Gold/Silver SURGE – “Something Is Different” | Andy Schectman

Liberty and Finance:  4-9-2024

“The world does not want our bonds and our dollars,” says Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments.

Gold and silver’s surge recently does not feel like a typical rally, he notes, “something is different.”

He discusses the development of the new pricing mechanism in the East.

As the Eastern central banks continue to accumulate gold, gold is being remonetized, he says.


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 0:30 Gold re-monetization

18:00 New price fixing system

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CBDC NEWS: Swiss Bank REJECTS Retail CBDC, while European Bank Says It’ll Help DISASTER Relief

Lena Petrova:  4-9-2024

Morgan Stanley Is Now Sounding The Alarm

Atlantis Report:  4—9-2024

Morgan Stanley has issued a serious warning that is causing significant ripples in the markets. The bank has urged investors to prepare themselves for a period of extreme uncertainty.

Morgan Stanley’s warning is based on the upcoming buyback blackout period, which has already resulted in a 93% decrease in buyback activity, and the low positioning of machines that have left traders and algorithms confused and unsure about the direction to take.

These signs clearly indicate that the financial markets are on the verge of a significant shift.