Economist’s “News and Views” Wednesday 4-3-2024


BRICS Reshape Global Farming Market: No more following US regulation

Fastepo:  4-2-2024

The BRICS Grain Exchange, a strategic initiative led by Russia, represents a significant move towards reshaping the global grain market

 This initiative aims to enable direct purchases between buyers and producers, thus reducing market volatility and the impact of speculative trading. Russia’s collaboration with China is a key component, highlighted by a groundbreaking grain-supply contract valued at nearly 2.5 trillion roubles ($25.8 billion), the largest in the history of their bilateral food trade.

 This deal, which includes the delivery of 70 million tonnes of grain to China over the next 12 years, is part of broader efforts to enhance food and energy security amidst geopolitical tensions.

Is U.S. Debt Problem Imploding? Lyn Alden On ‘Fiscal Spiral’, 2024’s Best Assets

David Lin:  4-3-2024

Lyn Alden, Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, discusses her outlook for economic growth, inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, and which assets she is most bullish on.

0:00 – Intro

2:35 – Most bullish assets

4:30 – Stock market outlook

8:50 – Commercial real estate

11:20 – Market correction?

12:12 – Fixed income and bond yields

14:35 – Inflation and monetary policy

 20:48 – Fiscal dominance

30:40 – Energy

37:23 – Bitcoin

43:00 – Gold

44:30 – Broken Money

Banks And Credit Card Companies To Stop Lending, As New Law Shocks Customers

Atlantis Report:  4-3-2024

A lawsuit against major credit card companies, like Visa and Mastercard, has sent shockwaves through the financial industry.

Interchange fees, which are transaction charges merchants must pay every time a customer uses a credit or debit card, have been a contentious issue in the retail industry.

 Retailers have argued that these fees are excessively high, unfair, and ultimately passed on to consumers through higher prices for goods and services.

The lawsuit aimed at resolving a long-standing dispute over swipe fees charged to retailers has far-reaching consequences for consumers and businesses.