Economist’s “News and Views” Wednesday 9-20-2023


 Japan, China & Saudi Arabia Are Speeding Up A Collapse Of The US Economy

Atlantis Report:  9-20-2023

An economic collapse is becoming more evident on the horizon, and big buyers; Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia are pulling out their funds from the U.S. Treasury, and accelerating the decline faster than previously predicted..

 Now, more than ever before, all hands need to be on deck to chart a different path for the US economy.

A more solid, stable, and sustainable means of funding and managing the Federal Budget is needed, and quickly, if the US economy is to brave through this phase.

Did the Treasury Market Just Glitch? Or is Something Big Breaking?

Heresy Financial:  9-20-2023


0:00 Something Big is Coming

 0:58 The Glitch Narrative

3:34 Fed Sounds Alarm on Hedge Funds

 6:28 Banks Increase Their Borrowing

8:54 Hedge Funds Bullish on Dollar

9:30 Deposit Flights with Commercial Banks

11:49 Unprecedented Debt Levels

LIVE! Fed. Votes “NO CONFIDENCE” For The US Economy.

Greg Mannarino:  9-20-2023