Economist’s: “Sound Money, Reset, and More” 4-23-2024


Stefan Gleason – U.S. States Seeking Shelter From the U.S. Dollar

Silver Bullion TV:  4-22-2024

Patrick Vierra from SBTV spoke with the CEO from Money Metals Stefan Gleason.

 Stefan is an advocate for sound money as are many of the U.S. states.

However, even if the individual states may see gold and silver as sound money, the federal government does not and prefers a central bank digital currency or CBDC.

 Interesting times ahead, come see why.

Discussed in this interview:

01:22 The States and sound money

 12:54 Government is not hearing the people

23:05 The Fed wants a central bank digital currency, a CBDC

29:28 Less trust with the U.S.

32:09 Seeking monetary shelter from the USD

The “Biggest” Survival Game of Our Lives, Only Gold and These Rules Can Save You: Market Sniper

Daniela Cambone: 4-23-2024

“I actually fear it’s going to be so big that you won’t be able to trade it all.

There will be a stop reset and then there will be a formal reveal to try to get faith back in a system,” says Francis Hunt, trader, investor, and the mastermind behind The Market Sniper.

In an interview with Daniela Cambone, Hunt sees the gold price soaring to $3,000 an ounce, urging viewers to consider gold as a valuable investment opportunity.

He sheds light on the ongoing financial reset, emphasizing the significance of geopolitical risks, strong dollar fluctuations, and mounting debt crises.

”You were born to cope with these times. Make sure you’re a survivor through to thrive and we think is the financial planning you should do for a reset environment.”


 00:00 Jerome Powell

3:30 Debt collapse/FX market

 5:37 Japanese yen

7:11 Gold

 10:22 Rally of gold

12:17 Price for gold

17:50 It’s time to get into gold

19:45 Gold/silver ratio

27:40 Bitcoin

30:48 Financial reset

Argentina Heads To China For Economic RESCUE As Farm Outbreaks Devastate Export Revenues

Sean Foo:  4-23-2024

Argentina is facing an export crisis. With inflation still raging, an outbreak in their corn harvest threatens to collapse their export revenues.

 It’s not a surprise that the Argentine Central Bank is running to China to secure their Yuan swap line for their vital imports.

Here’s what you must know and why Argentina’s in desperation mode.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Milei’s Running To China

2:58 Argentina’s Farm Outbreaks

 6:26 Scrambling For China’s Swap Line

9:16 Argentina Needs Chinese Imports

10:16 Spending $300M On Fighter Jets

12:54 More Currency Devaluation Coming