Expert: Linking Iraq with the Arab Gulf countries will enhance its electrical reality

Expert: Linking Iraq with the Arab Gulf countries will enhance its electrical reality

On Friday, economic expert Omar Al-Halbousi stated that Iraq’s electricity crisis could be resolved with the help of an important step taken by connecting Iraq’s electrical grid with the Arab Gulf countries.

Al-Halbousi stated in a press release that the decision to connect Iraq with the Gulf electrical market platform aims to resolve the energy crisis in Iraq and increase the number of hours of electricity supply to citizens. Furthermore, the supply prices are more reasonable than Iranian electricity prices, and there are no obstacles standing in the way of fulfilling obligations.

He stated that the timing of this connection is perfect since Iraq has been facing an electricity crisis for years, especially during the summers. The lack of a national electricity system burdens the Iraqi citizens, and the country has been depending on Iranian electricity, which is sold at high prices and not fulfilling the obligations to Iraq, causing huge losses. The connection will help Iraq to get rid of this dependency and ensure a reliable source of electricity for its citizens.

During a recent statement, Al-Halbousi emphasized that Iraq is being blackmailed through the supply of electricity. Iran is pressuring Iraq to act as a mediator with America to release some of the financial amounts in dollars owed to Iran. As a result, Iraq has become a victim of the American-Iranian conflict.

Al-Halbousi emphasized the need for the Iraqi government to leverage the country’s resources to establish a robust national electricity system. Iraq has the potential to achieve self-sufficiency and even export electricity, but the government lacks the will and work ethic necessary to make it a reality. Currently, Iraq is spending money on importing electricity from neighboring countries, which could be saved by establishing a self-sufficient electricity system.

Last Tuesday, the platform linking the Gulf electricity market to Iraq was inaugurated. Baghdad hopes this will solve its worsening electricity crisis, particularly in the summer.