Finance denies stopping its funding for investment projects

Finance denies stopping its funding for investment projects

Today, Sunday, the Service of Money denied holding a gathering to examine the swelled government spending, while at the same time showing that there was no end of any financing for speculation projects.

The Service expressed in an explanation got by the “, “In view of its obligation to explaining current realities for popular assessment, we keep the legitimacy from getting the claims advanced by certain figures via virtual entertainment destinations, including: ( The Pastor of Money’s gathering with the Legislative leader of the National Bank and one of the tops of the political alliances to talk about government spending.) Oversized).

The Service confirmed that it “is working as per what was set by the public authority educational plan, and there is no reality to the presence of such affirmed gatherings,” focusing on its “insight to ensure the monetary privileges of all fragments of society by dispensing and tying down pay rates for the next few months to all state divisions, and there is no dispensing to one service to the detriment of another service.” “.

She called attention to that “there is no end of any subsidizing for venture projects in Basra Governorate and the remainder of the governorates.”

She brought up that “the Service supported the principal cluster of the leftover designations for venture projects having a place with each governorate, and the Observatory includes remittances inside the state’s general financial plan for the year 2023, notwithstanding the incomes from the boundary intersections of Basra Governorate, as indicated by the mandates of the State head, during his gathering with the lead representatives at the gathering of the Coordination Board of the Governorates.”