For this reason… The law: Iraq is subjected to American blackmail

For this reason… The law: Iraq is subjected to American blackmail

Today, Saturday, the State of Law Coalition condemned America’s efforts to create a five-year timeline for removing its soldiers from the country as procrastination, emphasizing that discussions are useless in the face of Washington’s hostile tactics.

In an interview with the, coalition member Ibrahim Al-Sakini stated that “the diplomacy that Iraq pursued during the previous years led to the presence of thousands of American combat forces in the country,” and that “talking about the exit of American forces within five years is a joke on the chin.”

He went on to state, “One of the escalatory steps to prove the seriousness of the negotiation is closing the American embassy or the military barracks located in Baghdad,” and he added, “Washington is practicing various types of blackmail against Iraq through the dollar file, in order to continue its combat forces in the country.”

He went on to say, “Washington is putting pressure on the country by seizing the money from the sale of oil in the Federal Bank in order to give up on these national issues,” adding that “America’s effort to set a timetable extending to 5 years regarding the issue of removing American forces from the country is public procrastination and procrastination.”

Thaer al-Jubouri, a member of the House of Representatives, stated in an interview that “forming joint committees with the United States of America will not achieve all goals,” but emphasized the need of international pressure to remove American soldiers at this time.