Former MP: Passing the oil and gas law depends on the nature of the large bloc agreements


Ghaleb Muhammad, a former member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee, reaffirmed today, Friday, that agreement among the majoritarian groups in the House of Representatives is necessary for the passage of the oil and gas bill; failing to do so will condemn it to languish in the House corridors, much like other legislation that has been stuck for years.

“Since Parliament is responsible for approving laws, the movements of the large political blocs that have a majority in the House of Representatives will determine whether the oil and gas law is passed,” Muhammad stated in a statement.

“They will go to Parliament and vote on it if the political blocs agree to pass the aforementioned law,” he continued. If they disagree, it will languish in the Council’s hallways for years, just like earlier statutes.

“As the matter depends on the large political blocs and the nature of their agreements on the law,” he said, “the House of Representatives in its current session does not have the ability and will to solve the problem related to the oil and gas law in order to pass and legitimize it within Parliament.”