Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic Monday Evening 12-25-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic Monday Evening 12-25-23

Good Evening Dinar Recaps,

Pay attention. This has something to do with what I’m going to share with you tonight at midnight.

Japan plans to start trading digital securities on Christmas Day.

This will begin creating price pressures for the Digital Market and Commodity Markets.  It is one of 200+ countries dipping their toe into the large body of water we are yet to see if we will be able to sink or swim in going forward.

It is a small step into the new market, but it is the first one that will begin to create movement into the new QFS system.  Look for the crypto and the commodity markets to begin layering in their various networks into the overall QFS in 2024. This will usher in new digital and metal liquidity at various points throughout the year building the foundation and confidence inside the new QFS.

During this process, a currency intervention will occur to justify new values being placed upon them through new demands taking place on our new digital economy.

Merry Christmas Everyone!  © Goldilocks


From late Christmas Eve

ANOTHER Update to the Debt Clock – December 23, 2023

TODAY marks the 110th year of plunder
when the Federal Reserve Act was signed by President Wilson on December 23, 1913

Chairman Powell’s message changed from “We ARE the .1%” to “We WERE the .1%”

Let’s see what the new year will bring us!

@ Goldilocks


We are witnessing several spot ETF Bitcoin assets going up in different countries at this time.

The spot ETF Bitcoin is the bridge into the digital economy that will be used to create mainstream adoption into the digital asset-based trading system.

When you own a spot ETF Bitcoin, you have access to the benefits of bitcoins’ growth as mainstream acceptance moves the price of this asset into larger revenue opportunities for those who invest in assets connected to it.

Just recently, the SEC met with spot Bitcoin applicants in a rare conference call to engage in the implementation of this new digital asset making its way into the new digital economy.

Several security issues have regulations that have just been adopted last week to mobilize these new efforts.

The changes now being made in the global markets leads me to believe as One Financial system falls this year, a new One will be replacing it gradually and in three phases.

I do not anticipate a hard landing, but if your assets do not correlate with the new market you will see a significant loss. This is why we have taken the last two and a half years to go over the assets that will make up the new system, so each of us can be prepared for the new economy.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day with your friends and your family.

© Goldilocks
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We have 42 States out of 50 in the United States that now recognize gold and silver as money.

Oklahoma and Missouri are two of the latest states to file for this new legislation. Just eight more, and everything changes.

This reclassification of commodities is coming at a time when gold and silver are being called upon to support the new digital monetary system.

When gold is set free, so are we.

© Goldilocks

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MERRY CHRISTMAS from Goldilocks and the Seeds of Wisdom Team!


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