Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News for September 19th


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News for September 19th

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Congrats, America 🥂We Made it! Government Debt Spikes past $33 Trillion: +$1.6 Trillion since Debt Ceiling, +$2.2 Trillion from Year Ago | Wolf Street Wolfstreet Link


“The world’s first fractional bond exchange using the latest in distributed ledger technology now has Citi Securities Services as its first digital custodian participant.”

Citibank steps into the digital bond market as a digital custodian. A custodian holds stocks, bonds, or other assets electronically/digitally or in physical form for and on behalf of their customers.

Bond yields give us an indication of how well the stock market is doing. The trade for them, be it domestic or foreign, increases the demand for a nation’s currency. And demand creates more value through money velocity.

The most common bond type is the US Treasury Gold Bond. This is issued by the US government, and it is backed by gold held by the US Treasury.

Are you beginning to see why currency resets around the world are about to become inevitable? Basel 3 changes the landscape of everything. It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“All roads lead to gold and gold will set us free.”

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“The KRX system is an information technology system for managing and operating transactions on the Vietnamese stock market.”

The Vietnamese stock market is upgrading their system. They are calling on all of their it professionals to upgrade into the new kRX technological system to be used on their Stock Exchange.

This will enable them to digitally do transactions on the stock market on a global scale. The expectation is for all security companies to be fully integrated by the month of December or answer to their clients for their failures in doing so.

Vietnam is moving along rather nicely. Months ago we read where one of their Banks was fully Basel 3 compliant, and now we find they are about to be capable of utilizing their tokenized assets supported by a gold standard and the movement of their money from one transaction to another.

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Crypto Custody Services Expand; CFTC Enforcement Targets DeFi, SEC Targets NFTs; FinCEN Warns of Crypto Scams; Major Hacks Steal $41M and $55M | BakerHostetler – JDSupra


STORY: “She adds this possibility could lead to short term changes to economic indicators making it hard for the Federal Reserve to accurately gauge the health of the U.S. economy in the months to come.”

As we have been discussing in this room, we are in process of making adjustments to Capital requirements inside Basel 3 compliant banking mechanisms.

Tokenization of assets backed by real-world Commodities will give them real values.

Therefore, the expectation of volatility on the markets for the rest of this year is certainly going to be a part of what we are going to see any moment.

As the markets and banking system work to find their Goldilocks economy, you will more than likely hear about changes being made to the system to create new synchronistic values that are neither too hot or too cold, but “they are just right.” 😉

“The term (Goldilocks) describes an ideal state for an economic system. In this perfect state, there is full employment, economic stability, and stable growth.”

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Next Generation of International Rules Governing Cross-Border Data Flows and Digital Trade | White & Case LLP

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Overcoming Barriers: Challenges to Implementing Global Regulation of Digital Assets
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Private banking is an enhanced offering for the high-net-worth individual (HNWI) clients of a financial institution. Private banking consists of personalized financial and investment services and products from a dedicated personal banker.

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When I talked with the Head of Silver Eagle Sales for the US Mint back in May he said they had been “allocated” 4 Million more silver blanks for the 2023 US Silver Eagle Program. 
With the ramp-up of silver eagle sales over the past 4 months the premiums have fallen substantially. 
According to the numbers, unless the allocation of silver blanks was increased further, the US Mint should STOP selling eagles in October instead of December!
What would that do to Silver Eagle Premiums?
ALERT! US Mint to STOP SELLING 2023 Silver Eagles in October?! PREMIUMS TO SOAR AGAIN?! (Bix Weir


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