Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Late Monday Evening 11-20-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Late Monday Evening 11-20-23

Good Evening ,

“There are three main routes that connect the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans: the Northeast Passage, the Northwest Passage, and the mostly unused Transpolar Sea Route.”

Are we rerouting the shipping trade industry? Who has the greater access to these pathways? Will the BRICS system create these new pathways into the sea? What will be the main trading currency/currencies that will lead the way?

80% of all trades and currency exchange rates happen on the sea.

Watch the water.

© Goldilocks

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IBBC Autumn Conference 2023 in Dubai to unveil visionary insights to propel Iraq’s prosperity

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Regulatory Developments

Securities and Exchange Commission). Swaps. SEC adopted a set of rules and forms (see fact sheet under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 that would create a regime for the registration and regulation of security-based swap execution facilities and address other issues relating to security-based swap executions generally.

The rule is effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, and the compliance dates are specified in Section XVI of the rule. Separately, Chair Gensler provided remarks in support of the rulemaking, while Comm’r. Uyeda issued a brief dissent.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) & Derivatives Clearing Organizations (DCOs). CFTC proposed a rule (see fact sheet) to amend its regulations governing the types of investments that FCMs and DCOs may make with funds held for the benefit of customers trading futures, foreign futures, and cleared swap transactions.

 The deadline for comments is January 17, 2024. Chairman Behnam and Comm’r. Pham issued statements of support, while Comm’r. Goldsmith Romero and Comm’r. Johnson supported the proposal with caveats.

Department of Labor & White House. Retirement Savings Advice and “Junk Fees.” DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration proposed a retirement security rule updating the definition of an investment advice fiduciary under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The deadline for comments is January 2, 2024. Separately, the White House released a fact sheet on the rulemaking.


Research and Analysis
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Securities & Quantum Computing. FINRA issued a report entitled “Quantum Computing and the Implications for the Securities Industry.”

Michael Buckalew is a regulatory analyst with Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.


Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared For A New Gold Standard


Western currencies have been almost completely phased out in Russia-China trade, as nearly all payments between the countries are now carried out in rubles and yuan, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov announced on Monday.


Local currency swaps are surfacing everywhere. Trading in local currencies in the Eastern half of our world and Asian countries are climbing.

These new trading venues will create demand and raise the values of these currencies.

This is why I keep sharing with you to watch the water.

© Goldilocks
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