Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 2-19-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 2-19-24

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“The World’s First Gold Standard Digital Currency – BDTCOIN”  Investing  BDTCOIN  
More on this coming…

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BDTCOIN is an exclusive Gold standard digital currency revolutionizing the global finance with multiple financial players, a dynamic cutting-edge blockchain built  with QUANTUM-resistant protocols and DeFi Ecosystem.

Bdtcoin is an emerging digital currency in the digital world, introduced at the end of 2022. Unlike other traditional digital currencies that are not backed by any physical assets, Bdtcoin is backed by Gold and not any fiat currency worldwide, giving it a unique advantage in the market. 

As a digital store of value and medium of exchange, BDTCOIN blockchain facilitates a new revolutionary DeFi ecosystem with multiple financial players for its users worldwide to control their own money and data. This has enabled greater access to financial services, lower costs, faster transactions, and more financial freedom overall its users.   Investing   The GWW


“What Would Make the Federal Reserve Raise or Lower Interest Rates?”

There really isn’t a reason for the Feds to raise or lower interest rates at this point. Even with inflation data coming in higher, the markets are just simply bouncing back.

Price distortions have created Market correlations that no longer apply as they once did. The manipulation of the market and the momentum of the market have simply created price patterns that no longer apply to meaningful data anymore.

In other words, momentum is doing better than real asset prices due to longstanding manipulation of the markets.

The markets have become unpredictable causing many traders to move forward with caution, and some have pulled away altogether to invest in digital assets and gold.

In other words, our Global Markets are now leading the way over and beyond human control. There are still some events that can bring it down, so we can replace it and reset it with the new digital economy such as:

* A huge spike in oil
* Government credit default
* A worldwide recession which is already taking place
* More war
* BRICS influence
* Weather events
* A commercial Banking default
* Inflation
* Wage growth
* Geopolitics
* And, supply chain disruptions

These factors, even one, have the ability to cause an imbalance so great in the market that a return to normalcy will no longer be possible.

These and many other reasons are why a Global Currency Reset inside a new Digital Economy is happening.   Investing

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Look for market prices to begin the process of moving into real values when Protocol 20 starts.

Many of our assets are over-inflated, some of these assets will be higher than you may think and others will go lower.

It is important to keep an open mind during this process of movement into real values.

We are about to have real-world assets with real-world values placed on them inside a digital asset-based trading system.

Adjustments are forthcoming and to be expected going forward. This is a Global adjustment. Know you are not alone.

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👆 Traders are already anticipating this move and making adjustments accordingly.



Real-time instant payment systems are coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This will service the needs of the Middle East and other countries across the globe choosing to settle their payments in local currencies.

This new digital payment system will begin the process of leveling the playing field between countries that have been settling their accounts in dollars for a long time.

We are living in a new age. Countries want their power back, and they are getting it. Gold will support their new Digital Financial System through virtual assets creating values to their own currencies not seen in a long time.  PR Newswire

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New Protocol 20 Vote Set for February 20 | Stellar


Jeff Bezos sells $2 billion worth of Amazon stock | Fox Business

👆 Has the market topped?


I realize that tomorrow is February the 20th, 2024. It is the day that Protocol 20 begins. The expansion of the stellar platform will bring in new opportunities, and over time, it will bring in more abundance.

We do not focus on dates in this room or rates, but we will notice changes that have been made on certain days begin to bring in more and more liquidity in the assets we hold inside this new digital asset-based trading system.

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