Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 3-18-24


Subject: Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 3-18-24

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“BRICS Nations, Russia, and China, have joined forces to teach the US dollar an important lesson in International Markets.”

This is a year that can be characterized as a “refactoring process” for the new Quantum Financial System. New codes inside Quantum Technologies are and have been in the process of being rewritten to determine trading percentages through artificial intelligence. Russia and China have joined forces in supporting new laws to govern these changes, and China is providing the Yuan for many of these purchasing transactions on their new digital payment system.

New local currencies being utilized instead of the dollar in trade necessitates many of the new changes taking place to level the playing field among countries who will now have new price pressures on their National currencies to demand shifts in pricing.

The new BRICS currency payment system will lessen the use of the dollar and bring forth more demand for currencies in the East. These demands will require currency rate changes.

As we get closer to the next BRICS summit, this is going to be a topic of interest for the conference. Each country that joins the BRICS Nations are expected to have a commodity-based backing for their currency giving real values to their Quantum Technological Mechanisms that will move their money.

New protocols will be written into the banking/trading system of the East that will scale on their new payment system in transactional trades between countries inside the QFS. CryptoDNES  Spiceworks

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“We are optimizing each step of the inbound tourism process, streamlining procedures ranging from visa applications to flight arrangements, hotel check-ins, shopping, and sightseeing,” said Sun Yeli at the end of the 2nd session of the 14th National People’s Congress in Beijing.”

China is in the process of “refactoring” new codes into their payment system that will align with their own National Currency instead of the Dollar.

Is important to note that this is taking place in several countries around the world especially those joining the BRICS Nations.

The movement from a US dollar focus to a local currency focus is changing the way many of these countries live and pay for their goods and services.   TV Brics   NOEMA Mag

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New price changes across an entire Financial System require new codes to be written into the system that emphasize local currency dominance going forward demands monetary policy changes.

This is why we are witnessing several countries move into a free-floating rate exchange system whereby supply and demand determine their new currency values going forward.

Morocco and Egypt are two of many countries moving to a free-floating regimen in their currency payment systems. These shifts represent an alignment to, and for, a new Global Monetary System.

The new Monetary System is backed by gold and other commodities with new codes being written into these Quantum Mechanisms that will begin forming new price correlations on the markets.

For instance, new interest rates will be based on local currency values instead of the dollar going forward. Gold held by each country as a reserve asset will minimize many of these variations on the market to stabilize Global Economies.

This is an event that has been years in the making. And, this year marks the time and place for many of these transitions to begin. Some economies will be able to motorbize these new changes quicker than others, and it is important for us to watch as these new price formations begin to form on the markets.

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Middle East Monitor


The changes we have been speaking about this morning will no doubt change Market behavioral patterns. Volatility is expected as we shift into new Technological Mechanisms that will guide our Global Economy forward.

Jerome Powell will be addressing many of these changes on Wednesday. It is important that we pay close attention to his words and wording on many of the new monetary shifts that will be taking place the rest of this year.

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XRP Trading Announcement:

XRP Trading Start on Exchange Registered with U.S. Treasury Department.

Atlantis Exchange Listing XRP.

In a recent post on X, Atlantis Exchange disclosed that it included XRP among its list of supported cryptocurrencies. Specifically, XRP commenced trading on the platform on March 17 at 5:00 AM UTC, with the trading pair USDB.

Besides listing XRP, Atlantis Exchange has issued a daring projection for XRP’s value. In particular, the platform asserted that users could witness a 100-fold value increase amid its list of XRP, urging them not to “miss out.”

At the same time, Atlantis Exchange highlighted that XRP is a crypto asset that facilitates cross-border payments. Also, it pointed out that XRP is the native currency within XRPL, a decentralized, open-source blockchain technology capable of settling transactions within a remarkable timeframe of 3-5 seconds.

Brief Summary from Goldilocks:

XRP is the only coin with clear legal status in the US. Just last year, the court declared XRP as a non-Security last year.

XRP has been listed as a Stablecoin, but it’s most frequent use going forward will be that of a liquidity coin. XRP began trading with this new peg just last week.

The USDB is pegged to XRP (see above announcement). This has allowed XRP trading to start on the Atlantis Exchange and be registered with the U.S. Treasury Department.

This will allow XRP to be traded on banking and trading platforms here in the United States and in countries abroad. It will give us the ability to form bilateral trade relationships inside the new digital asset-based trading system.   Crypto News   The Crypto Basic.

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What is a Customs Bond? A legal contract, usually issued through a licensed Customs broker, between an importer, a Surety company and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that guarantees that the importer complies with Customs regulations.   UPS


What’s happening now in markets:
▼ Dow Futures 39,149.00 (-0.01%)
▲ S&P 500 Futures 5,208.00 (+0.49%)
▲ NASDAQ Futures 18,217.00 (+0.87%)
▼ 10 Year 4.304%
▲ Gold $2,163.90 (0.00%)
▲ WTI Crude Oil $81.58 (+0.01%)
▼ Bitcoin $68,170.00 (-0.26%)
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The global chocolate industry is facing its worst crisis since Johnny Depp played Willy Wonka. Demand for chocolate is vastly outweighing the available cocoa supply, leading to skyrocketing cocoa prices that will inevitably make chocolate treats more expensive in supermarkets around the world.

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