Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 5-13-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 5-13-24

Good Evening ,

“The End Of The World Order And The Rise Of Trade Regulation”

Throughout the world, the US has been in process of signing Free Trade Agreements with countries.

These FTAs eliminate barriers to trade significantly. This includes tariffs, improving intellectual property rights, and more.

In addition, they improve laws protecting intellectual property rights, open up government procurement opportunities, and easing investment rules.

The world of trade between countries are changing rapidly at this point. These new trade agreements require credit valuation adjustments across the board including foreign currency exchange rates.  Mondaq   Trade   Cornell Law


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“The network value-to-transaction ratio, or NVT ratio, is a proposed approach that is determined by dividing the market capitalization of a digital asset by the transaction value during a certain time period. These are the important metrics that help in the valuation of digital assets.”

The above information is exactly what will begin happening at some level when our new regulated digital assets become law on June 30th.

We will go through a process of credit valuation adjustments based on demands for their use and corresponding underlying assets that support what used to stand alone in the traditional markets.

Backing traditional assets with gold and other commodities will change the way we look at the price of these assets going forward.

During this time, we can expect to see caps on gold released for many of these new digital assets to find a real value as we approach January 1st, 2025.

The first of next year is when the expectation for Basel 3 compliant measures to be fully complete. At that time, solid rates will become possible for many of the assets a trader will hold.

Price fluctuations across the board between now and then are expected including Forex. Our markets will be in process of finding real values.  Eqvista   MoodysAnalytics

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Crypto Regulations Act update for the US:

“Today, the House Committee on Rules publicly noticed its intent to consider the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century (FIT21) Act, clearing a pathway for a floor vote later this month.

The FIT for the 21st Century Act is an important first step towards achieving regulatory clarity for digital assets. FIT21 provides the robust, time-tested consumer protections and regulatory certainty necessary to allow the digital asset ecosystem to flourish in the United States.”

After this vote, you can expect movement towards the Senate to come soon after in order to meet those deadlines for June 30th, 2024 for the European Union.

China is already in the regulatory process, and expected to coordinate with a global efforts of Europe and the US.  House Financial Services   DailyCryptoNews

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Global Banking Announcement:

This is a note to follow up on the banker who went into foreign currency exchange training last week.

The banks now have the capability to send wires in every currency around the world with the exception of the Iraqi dinar.

There will be much faster settlement times utilizing a country’s own currencies for the exchange.

This makes sense to me due to the fact that Dee and I have been told that the IQD would not float. It will be given a revalued rate.  

What is important to take from this piece of Intel is, for this Bank, these new procedures began today.

This does not mean that all Banks have started these protocols yet, but it does mean that expectations are high that they begin.

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“Navigating the New Frontier: Updates to Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Rules and Regulations” | JD Supra

These new rules and regulations for the oil sector have reached their final stages. And now, the transition into the energy sector of our markets that includes solar power and electric cars will proceed.

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2024 — WisdomTree Prime Launches to 41 States, Leveraging Stellar Network for Enhanced Digital Asset Services | Crypto News

WisdomTree, a notable asset management firm, has launched its innovative financial app, WisdomTree Prime, to cover 75% of the U.S. population across 41 states despite shareholder wishes.

This strategic extension is powered by the Stellar Development Foundation, which supports the app’s robust digital asset services. (

WisdomTree has integrated Stellar’s efficient transaction platform to power WisdomTree Prime, aligning with its goal to streamline financial operations for its users.


WisdomTree Digital Trust Company, LLC. |  Wisdom Tree Inc


ASEAN – The key Player in the Indo-Pacific Region – Indian Defence Review


Dow Gold Ratio: Stocks vs Gold Charts | SD Bullion


Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia Consider Establishing ETF – Claps


Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) | Investor Gov


Zimbabwe set to be invited to join BRICS | The Zimbabwe Mail 

👆  Goldilocks pointed to this article


Currently, indications are pointing at Zimbabwe, together with Argentina and Saudi Arabia, being officially announced as new members of the NDB at the BRICS summit to be held in South Africa this August. |  Herald


Institutions Coming In! Pivotal Moment For XRP! | Youtube



Tomorrow on May 13th:

Parties and any third parties file omnibus letter motions and also file proposed redactions to such materials!

As @attorneyjeremy1 said: We‘re just waiting for the judge now!  #Ripple   Twitter


BREAKING NEWS Iraq at Odds w/OPEC Over Oil Production Cuts | Youtube


When You Put Money in the Bank annnddd It’s Gone – SOUTH PARK | Youtube


Crash Landing Ahead? Fed May Cut Rates but We’ve Run Out of Time | Youtube


The Gold Team Breaking down Goldilocks. Their backgrounds is why Goldilocks gave them all the Gold Seal of approval.   Goldilocks QFS   Goldilocks Q A   Saturday Night Live Call


The Association of Private Banks praises the direction of the Iraqi Central Bank to establish digital banks | Search 4 Dinar

Economy News – Baghdad

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ali Tariq, praised the Central Bank’s direction to establish digital banks to keep pace with the great development in the global banking sector.

In an interview with “Economy News”, Tariq said that “the world is moving towards digitizing banking services, and Iraq has started its first steps in establishing digital banks, as so far there is a licensed digital bank inside Iraq, and provides its services naturally to the public.”


Why is Crude oil price crashing? | Youtube


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