Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 5-6-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 5-6-24

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“When gold is set free, so are we.”

Let’s take a close look at why that is. There is a strong belief that gold is no longer determined by economic prices on the market. A shift is occurring and China is in the middle of it.

Much of the gold prices as of late have been driven by the China Market buying up this particular precious metal. It is one of the requirements of the BRICS Nations in joining this alliance to trade goods and services with the backing of gold.

In other words, we have new price discoveries taking place attempting to reset the price of gold. The higher the price of gold goes, it has the ability to determine the price of the dollar going forward. When gold is the standard over the dollar, price discoveries on foreign currencies begin to shift.

Gold and the Dollar have a correlated relationship that is currently breaking down because of inflation, de-dollarization, and the purchase of gold by countries overseas.

When the price pressures on gold becomes so great, it will require new formulations of values and a reset in gold will occur. All of our tokenized assets backed by gold, our stablecoins that represents a country’s currencies backed by gold, and gold itself will be free to move into a real value.

These new values will be determined by supply and demand, and not, a predetermined price set to parallel a particular World Reserve Asset. This is when we have a reset.

Here is what the final moments look like…

Paper trades in gold and silver on the COMEX Market are stopped.

When trades in paper gold and paper silver in the Futures Market come to a halt, this will enable them to adjust spot prices on physical gold and physical silver.

A slight movement upward (manually done) occurs to encourage trade. This is done over and over again until the market recognizes the new determinations and price correlations.

This is where you see chart gaps happen in the market, and they have to be filled.

Once these gaps are filled and new movement forward on gold and silver are secured, we have a reset. This will reset everything.   CME Group   NY Times

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Banking Intel:

Commercial Lenders (Relationship Managers) are currently receiving electronic messages to sign up for Foreign Currency Training.   Street Directory  Learn   Study  

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👆 By the way, Commercial Lenders are having to report for foreign currency exchange training. It is not an option. It is a requirement.


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If Ripple is not a security, it is a commodity. A precious metal. And, you can currently get it for just over 50 cents.

Many of you have stated that you cannot afford precious metals. Well, you don’t have an excuse now. Why would you wait for it to go up?

The case is expected to be finished in September 2024. What are you waiting for? This is not advice, but it is probably one you wished a year from now someone had given to you.    Youtube

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