Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday AM  11-25-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday AM  11-25-23

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“If the dollar gradually loses its place atop the world financial pyramid, what would happen next? For the U.S., it would likely mean less access to capital, higher borrowing costs and lower stock market ( values, among other effects.”

This is why the Global Economy would have to reset everything including the currencies. Look for it to be a “gradual process” beginning early next year.  Several currencies are going to be utilizing their own local currencies going forward including Iraq starting at the 1st of January 2024. Some of these currencies are listed in the article below.

Look for some kind of shared power going forward between the East and the West. Currently, there is a legislative Bill going through Congress to watch called “The 21st Century Dollar Act.” This bill introduces the Dollar and the Yuan sharing World Reserve Status.

Less Capital reserves for the US means more Capital reserves for other countries moving towards their own local currencies in International Trade. In turn, this will begin the process of raising the value of currencies who make this move going forward.

Again, it is a gradual process that takes time to determine new demand and use of local currencies around the world and the support given to these local currencies through gold and algorithmic trade that will create price pressures for change on them.

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Nikola Tesla “LOST” Interview : “Visualization is the SECRET” Hidden for 120 Years.


“Federal bank regulatory agencies announced today that they will extend until January 16, 2024, the comment period on their long-term debt proposed rule to improve the resolvability of large banks and enhance financial stability. The agencies extended the comment period to allow interested parties more time to analyze the issues and prepare their comments.”

With longer term rules of holding Capital Requirements such as gold, xrp, and foreign reserves inside the larger banking systems, this gives an added net worth to banking structures allowing them to weather the storm that’s coming next year in the bear market decline.

The markets are expected to reach a bottom sometime around early fall. Time will tell on this one. It all depends on how well trades go between the first of the year and into the fall. New assets to trade such as commodities moving to a real value has a way of rebalancing the scales of previous predictions.

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PROJECT 2025 – New set up USA, ISREAL (Worldwide Military Peace Plan)


New guaranteed income programs are launching in four states across the US.
A total of $18.745 million will be handed out to people and families with no strings attached in Georgia, Florida, Maryland and California.


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