Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday Evening 12-2-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday Evening 12-2-23

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Sometimes a company will sell their own stocks as a stockholder to create capital for their company.

They have to register these intentions with the SEC or the Securities Exchange Commission to do so.

We have shown you other companies intending to do the same just recently. It is an attempt to create and hold cash reserves that will enable them to make new purchases in the new economy.

All sectors will be affected in the new economy, and new price correlations will be the result.

What is this telling us? Big companies like Charles Schwab, JP Morgan, and Warren Buffett are aware that major changes in the new economy are coming.

The second article below is an example of an S-3 filing with the SEC.

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Several leading Chinese copper smelters have agreed to a 9% reduction in processing fees, signaling a tightening trend across the industry.

1.5% of global copper supply is now off the market.

This could get very interesting.


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