Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday Evening 2-24-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday Evening 2-24-24

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Meet the new HIPAA requirement…

“Requirement 4.2 of PCI DSS mandates that the Primary Account Number (PAN) must be protected with strong cryptography during transmission. This directly aligns with ISO 27001:2022’s control A. 8.24, which calls for the use of cryptography to protect information.”

Patient confidentiality is a must in the healthcare setting. As you can see, exchange of information on the new Quantum Financial System that includes hospital settings and such are a must.

The new version of PCI DSS (4.0) will be mandatory from March 31, 2024. It will introduce more requirements needed to secure patient information during the transfer of a diagnosis and payments from various medical settings.

Securing autonomy between a patient and doctor is of prime importance in healthcare ethics. I sat on several ethics committees in my work inside the healthcare setting for years, and it is difficult enough to get patients to open up to doctors what’s really going on with them.

This is why autonomy and security information in the healthcare setting is the number one ethical priority for those who work in healthcare.   It looks like hospitals and other healthcare settings are working to secure their payment system on the QFS.   Texas Health Law   Isms     Vanta

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On March the 6th, 2024, the CFTC is having a follow-up meeting with the Global Markets Advisory Committee.

The GMAC is a subcommittee that represents the Digital Market Financial System. This meeting is expected to be a time for them to discuss recommendations on their findings so far and move forward with the Digital Financial System.

The purpose of this meeting is to “enhance the resiliency and efficiency of global markets, including increased liquidity in U.S. Treasury markets and the upcoming transition to T+1 securities settlement.”

My understanding is that instant settlements are already being worked on. It is also my understanding from conversations with developers that the move from T+1 settlements to T+0 will not take long.

As they are stating in this next meeting, they’re going to discuss liquidity in the US Treasury Markets. More and more millionaires and billionaires are retrieving their funds from the stock market and moving into digital economy assets.

This move encompasses assets tokenized and supported by gold. It provides investment opportunities many of these whales are looking for to move their money.

We are witnessing a ground-floor opportunity for those who decide to participate inside the new digital economy. Traders pray for such opportunities as this we are witnessing.

As we move into legislative regulations for protocols inside the crypto economy, stablecoins to pay for these tokenized assets will be coming into focus.   CFTC

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Zoniqx partners with Ripple to revolutionize asset tokenization on the XRP Ledger.

Integration leverages XRPL’s blockchain infrastructure for enhanced efficiency and accessibility.

The collaboration marks a milestone in setting new standards for digital asset management. CoinGape


Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why – Safe Retirement Strategies

February 20 was a momentous day for the Stellar (XLM) ecosystem, marking a shift from its exclusive role as a payment protocol to a platform capable of hosting Decentralized Applications (DApps).

This pivotal event was the deployment of the first smart contract on the Stellar mainnet hours after the successful implementation of Protocol 20.   Times Tabloid


The Future of Securities Tokenisation and Crypto Regulation | RegulationAsia


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