Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Afternoon 5-26-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Afternoon 5-26-24

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There is currently a lot of cash building in the markets from traders who are building their portfolios in Gold-backed ETFs and the mining sectors of the market.

Cash building in gold is the current trend for Professional Traders and the Retail Market. It gives an investor collateral for the trades he or she would like to make, and even, investments made outside of the marketplace.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the sentiment for the Retail Market is over-the-counter products in physical gold.

The growing popularity for cryptocurrency over Fiat money is beginning to gain traction as institutional money is moving their assets around on the Traditional Market in preference for new digital assets onboarding to the new digital asset based trading system.

The purchasing of Tokenized Assets is a ground-floor opportunity and big money is piling into the fray being pulled from two directions right now on the opportunities the market provides.

Currently, we have Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. These digital asset opportunities are considered commodities, and big money is placing their bets on their success.

The first one is a storehouse of value and the second transacts Market values through Smart Contracts. Look for Ripple ETF to join in the mix soon to provide a Payment Network to move Bitcoin and Ethereum opportunities across all sectors of the market as a liquidity coin.

When the QFS is clearly established with regulations and laws to govern the new digital system, the trend toward OTC products is likely to reverse as consumers begin to realize we are back on a Gold Standard with a set of Digital Protocols on assets and stablecoins that shows a consistency toward potential for growth.   Kitco   Coinpedia   Reuters  CFTC   Kitco 2

Gold will set us free.

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“The BOE is now the first major central bank discussing how it plans to revert to a similar system as before, draining reserves, then using repos – instead of bond purchases (QE) – to deal with issues.”

The transition from government bonds to repos will take time as the remaining “Approved Financial Projects” that deal with infrastructure, real estate, and home loans “will take time to unwind.” 

Here we go. The movement from utilizing bonds for liquidity to Repo Market lending such as the one we are in now called SOFR.

The Secured Overnight Financing Rate is collateralized by US Securities. The US Treasury holds gold as security for the use of gold certificates issued to the Federal Reserve Banks.

Gold is a Tier 1 asset under the Basel III banking regulations. This classifies physical allocated gold as the safest tier asset in comparison to cash. Gold is about to become King.

Under the Basel III rules, gold in allocated accounts is considered a Tier 1 asset and has zero risk weighting.

ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds that we are seeing be formulated on the market through Bitcoin and Ethereum are Tier 3 assets holding a riskier custody opportunity.

Gold is now being relisted, at the Bank of England, as the safest asset over cash going forward. Through the use of our new Tokenized Asset Commodity Based Market, our Stablecoins coins that represent a country’s currency is about to be reclassified through gold.

Any country holding gold as collateral can now reclassify their currency as a collateralized security. It will increase the demand for gold and for Stablecoins that represents a country’s currency.

This will be inclusive of all countries (ie Iraq) who have become Basel 3 compliant and moving to a local currency regimen as a payment source on the new digital economy.

As our new Digital Global Regulations through MICA finish this month and produce a white paper for other countries to follow, we can look for new credit valuation adjustments to begin after the June 30th, 2024 deadline for them to become law.

The demand for gold is the bridge into our next economy, and its path forward to a new world is about to commence.    11Onze   WolfStreet

Gold will set us free.

© Goldilocks


The first of many CENTRAL BANKS (BOE) is beginning to switch over from bond market liquidity to gold market liquidity Repo Services through SOFR.
We need to watch closely as this develops. Everything will turn to Gold when this is done.

This is the transition that will provide liquidity for every sector of the market including Forex.

© Goldilocks


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