Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday AM 11-26-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday AM 11-26-23

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As of October 2023, many Vietnamese banks are already in the process of migrating to ISO 20022. For example, Vietcombank, the largest bank in Vietnam, announced in August 2023 that it had successfully completed the migration of its cross-border payments to ISO 20022.

Other major Vietnamese banks, such as BIDV, Agribank, and Techcombank, are also expected to complete their migrations to ISO 20022 by the November 2025 deadline.

Vietnamese banks accelerate migration to ISO 20022   

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“Gold Prices Forecast: XAU/USD’s Future Moves Hinge on Federal Reserve Actions”

There is a strong expectation that the Federal Reserve will halt interest rate hikes for the time being from many economists. This move is expected to carry over into the first part of next year and possibly into the summer.

These actions would be good for foreign currency markets allowing them to move into higher values based upon new choices being made in the digital economy and the dollar pulling back from its strength.

We have oil getting ready to make a turn around and to higher values along with cryptocurrency and a gold. The stage is being set for new price pressures going forward.

These changes will make it easier to determine real values on the new tokenized assets backed by gold and supported by new algorithms taking place early next year as Protocol 20 transitions the market into price actions that level the playing field.

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Is Mexico’s Peso Set for a Strong 2024?

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Russia anticipates that they will finalize a deal shortly for the proposed natural gas hub in Turkey.

This has been long in the works.

We will eventually see an electronic gas-trading platform.

Very interesting…



Canada says 60% of all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in Canada must be electric by 2030, increasing to 100% in 2035.

Canada needs more minerals to make this vision an actual reality.

Expect more mineral development in Canada in the coming years…



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