Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 10-8-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 10-8-23

Good afternoon,

Let’s take a look at what war does to a country’s currency. It causes inflation, the rise of interest rates, diversions in international trade, and the destruction of property, capital, and human lives. It’s not a pretty picture at all.

There is an upside to war believe it or not. Interest rates go down at the end of the war to encourage economic growth, new treaty agreements are signed that involve economic benefits, and a fresh supply of new money to pay for the war it would help the creation of money for countries who have relied on the dollar for so long.

When the supply of money deflates, it is hard for investors to speculate and grow an economy inside their own Market causing prices to drop and the value of a currency to fall.

As you can see, price adjustments happen during and after a war that creates a shake up in the currency Market enough to formulate new price patterns within them and a fresh new supply of money.

New tokenized assets supported by gold and price pressures on local currencies around the world will create opportunities for those involved in these investments.

Humanitarian projects flourish during these times because of the need for money to flow once again.

Take a close look at the allies of both Palestine and Israel. Notice how many countries would be involved if this war were to escalate that just happened to fall into the investments most people in this room hold in currencies.

It is never a good trade-off to trade people’s lives for money, but these are the effects of War and why exchange rates change during times of crisis.

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Hong Kong Delays Retail Trading of Stablecoins Pending Comprehensive Policy 

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D.C. Dispatch: Delegates weigh in on vacant chair and the Farm Bill 

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IRS makes progress on implementing Inflation Reduction Act

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BLM needs to consult with tribal nations about proposed oil and gas reforms 

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Israel Warns of Long War as it Retaliates in Gaza: Live Updates 

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Are we about to go into a Global War? The answer to this question remains uncertain, but the defensive postures taking place in International trade relations has the potential to reset the global economy.

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Early next year, the Central Bank of Iraq will cease being a permanent intermediary for their currency and the electronic platform.

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ALERT! Silver READY to Run This Week as Banks Suffer MASSIVE Unrealized Bond Losses! (Bix Weir)

We are in the middle of a massive destruction of US Bank Capital. 
Rising interest rates are destroying the value of US Bonds that are used as Tier 1 Capital for banks in their Fractional Reserve System! 
Just a matter of time before the entire world finds out that the Emperor Has No Clothes! 


The energy minister of Saudi Arabia says OPEC+ is ready to wait months for insights from “actual data” before modifying policies in response to price fluctuations in the crude market.


This is going to be a wild and unpredictable ride.






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