Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 12-10-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 12-10-23

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Report: 2023 global shipping trends and the route to 2024- Logistics Middle East

“According to Container xChange’s Trends and Impacts annual report, the sector has been largely influenced by the comparatively subdued growth in container demand, driven by a host of adverse economic influences, including surging inflation, heightened interest rates, and consequent shifts in consumer spending patterns.”   The shipping landscape has changed significantly along with consumer sentiment. At this time, consumers have cut their spending on non-essential goods by 74%, and it is expected to carry on into 2024.

Uncertainty about the global economy is forcing many people to pull back from spending their money on items beyond their essential needs.

This will slow down money velocity between countries. It will cause overstock in merchant products creating more competition for those who still have money to buy goods that remain in their warehouses.

Many price variations and correlations will begin to surface in 2024 causing both volatility and new price pressures on goods and services across the markets.

New networks are beginning to form in the new digital economy, and these new connections will formulate opportunities and jobs unlike any we have seen before.

The world is changing. It is time to get on the right side of these new digital assets coming into play. Nothing can stop what is coming.    Container xChange’s

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BEIJING: China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao met Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Investment Khalid Al-Falih in Beijing on Sunday and discussed expanding cooperation in trade and investment, the Chinese commerce ministry said.

China and Saudi Arabia central banks sign local currency swap agreement

China is willing to work with Saudi Arabia to jointly promote the Belt and Road initiative and Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” initiative, the ministry quoted Wang as saying, adding that the two countries would also expand cooperation in energy and resources, infrastructure and technology.


Alchemy Pay (ACH): The Payment Solution Service Provider

Alchemy Pay is a payment service provider. It is a bridge builder between the old fiat currency and the new digital world of cryptocurrency.

Alchemy Pay is an open-source protocol system that can rapidly produce development platforms for crypto and Fiat systems to be bridged together in our next economy.

They have integrated the world of traditional payment programs with Blockchain Decentralized Ledger Technologies.

This is what we have been going over for the last 2 years in this room. We have been looking at how international law, government legislation, and the financial system work together to build a new decentralized digital economy based upon traditional markets and banking systems as a foundation to build upon.

We have come a long way my friends.

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The Coin Republic Link


Price pressure on gold after “Goldilocks” U.S. jobs data 

We are finding, as of late, that there are many ways for foreign currency or cross-border payments to move across borders through the new digital payment system.  

Many Quantum Technologies are currently interfacing their digital systems together as we speak.

Traditional Assets are continuing to be tokenized, and they will have a real-world value when gold is finally set free to support them.

Watch gold.

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Kitco News Link


China is rushing to secure uranium, gold, and copper.

Pick a mineral, and you will see China trying to secure it.

This is all part of their strategy.

I have been documenting this for years.

Elements are the ultimate form of leverage.



FOMC Meeting December 2023 Date and Time: Jerome Powell-led Panel To Announce Decision On US Interest Rates This Week   

Markets News, Times Now News Link



CONFERENCE REPORT to Accompany H.R. 2670


As the $886 billion 2024 National Defense Authorization Act bill clears its final hurdles, crypto regulations are left to future debate.


From the Paris agreement to COP28, how oil and gas giants try to influence the global climate agenda
The Conversation Link


Benefits of Accelerating the Climate Transition Outweigh the Costs   IMF Link


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