Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Afternoon 3-28-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Afternoon 3-28-24

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“The collapse of a major bridge along a crucial trade corridor outside Baltimore idled shipping at one of the East Coast’s busiest ports, tied up coal shipments, and pushed retailers, truckers, and industrial firms to reroute shipping volumes to contain the economic fallout of the catastrophic event.”

An event of this magnitude does take a toll on an already fragile Market. We have to remember Market shifts such as these do not happen right away.

The market lags behind a good 4 to 5 days before events like this begin to show up. We will have a choice to add liquidity to the market inflating it more, or we will witness it go to a real value.

The Dow is at its maximum price ever, and there is not another referencing price to match it.

This has the potential to cause an aggressive movement downward to its 200-day moving average. And, an event like this in the shipping industry could take months to years to recover.

Is history repeating itself? Although the circumstances are different, we have the same scenario at play whereby the shipping industry is disrupted. This happened on a much grander scheme when Donald Trump was our president. His administrative team brought us back by the end of the year. Ironically, it was about the same time of the year. It was just before an election too.

This gives everyone an idea just how events such as these can create havoc among the markets. At that time, we considered a currency intervention as we neared the end of the chaos.  WSJ

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“In Baltimore warehouses registered with the London Metal Exchange, there are 756 metric tons of nickel, 150 tons of tin and 50 tons of copper, LME data shows.”

The measurements above were reported about 2 days ago. The movement of metals supports the banking system. It also supports the dollar.

This gives us an idea of what we may be facing in the banking system as well. When the movement of metals is slowed down, it will have a corresponding effect on the banking system that supplies it’s liquidity.   Reuters

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“A Basel 3 compliant bank = your Redemption Center, this is where you can choose to exchange.”

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“All roads lead to Gold, and Gold will set us free.”

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“Top smelters agreed the spot market had become disconnected from true market fundamentals, one meeting participant told Reuters.”

“It is meaningless to set a guidance price in the current market,” the source added, speaking on condition of anonymity.”

Copper derives its prices from mining production, global demand, currency exchange rates, inventory levels, and much more.

Copper is decoupling from the dollar. I really hope you still have those copper pennies and nickels we have talked about for years.

A decoupling event of copper from the dollar would allow both monetary systems to find their real values.    Mining

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Did you know that copper tells you how well an economy is doing?

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“Post-Covid correlation patterns between commodity prices and the US dollar will become more common in the future. There is a robust and significant long-run relationship between the US dollar and the US terms of trade. In the past, when the United States was a net commodity importer, higher commodity prices corresponded to a lower US terms of trade and a weaker US dollar. Now that the United States is a commodity exporter, higher commodity prices raise the US terms of trade and strengthen the US dollar.”

It may not take long for other Commodities to start decoupling from the market fundamentals as copper is doing now.

Then, we will have the freedom of our gold and silver markets to go to their real values.

As our commodity markets are released to real values and real fundamentals, our ability to formulate prices on global currencies based on these new values will become possible.  BIS

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“India’s payments landscape is on the brink of a major transformation as NBBL prepares to roll out interoperable bill payments network. The goal is to establish standardized rules and design the system for seamless interoperability across various banking platforms.”

This will allow The Reserve Bank of India’s money to move on to an interoperable system for internet banking transactions.

This new payment system will go through the National Payments Corporation of India the (NPCI).

Interestingly, this is showing up as the MICA rollout of crypto regulations is coming to their final conclusion at the end of May 2024. Will we see a FedNow announcement soon? One-Percent Club Linkedin

Time will tell.

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Trains, planes, container ships and now bridge’s.

Did you know a second bridge had an incident today also?

A “spontaneous combustion situation” with raw wood products at a landscaping supply center caused a massive fire underneath the Valley View Bridge in Ohio early Tuesday morning.

Remember this is just a coincidence.

The FBI and Joe Biden have stated nothing unusual is happening.

Community notes and mainstream media fact checkers will not allow any debate.
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SEC Adopts Reforms Relating to Investment Advisers Operating Exclusively Through the Internet | SEC


Hong Kong Monetary Authority – HKMA and SFC further consult on enhancements to Hong Kong’s OTC derivatives reporting regime | HKMA


Ripple Vs. SEC Update: Judge Torres Weighs Extending XRP Lawsuit Fairly – Forex News by FX Leaders | FX Leaders


I hope everyone has a peaceful and reflective Easter weekend. I really enjoy this time of the year as it gives me an opportunity to discern just how grateful I am and can be for viewing the world around me through the eyes of the very one who came to save us.

Please keep your focus here as I have word from my banking sources that the RV is not going to happen around Easter. We are just not simply there yet my friends.

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“Over $1B in U.S. Treasury Notes Has Been Tokenized on Public Blockchains.

Tokenized Treasuries are digital representations of U.S. government bonds that can be traded as tokens on the blockchain.”   

By Omkar Godbole


I just wanted to update everyone on the CBI contact Dee, Sam, and I speak to on occasions. We are so proud of him.

He has a new role. Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Investment AND Foreign Remittances Directorate of Iraq. 

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~~~~~~~~~, Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET Unite to Create Artificial Superintelligence Alliance | Business Wire


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