Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Evening 11-2-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Evening 11-2-23

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“India Paves the Way for Foreign Listing of Public Companies”

India is leading the way on getting their public companies listed in foreign exchange markets.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is currently notifying some of their companies and securities that they can list overseas.   Look for other countries to do the same.

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“The New Development Bank Bill, 2023 was passed in parliament on Wednesday to welcome funds from the lending arm of BRICS.”

Although this bill still needs to be ratified, the New Development Bank is well on its way to being able to lend money to those who join the BRICS Nations such as Bangladesh.

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US House passes bill on aid to Israel, but not Ukraine

The Republican-led House of Representatives approved a $14.3 billion military aid measure for Israel without mentioning Ukraine, despite a veto threat from President Biden.

Besides no aid for Kiev, the legislation also includes cuts to the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement initiative – part of the Inflation Reduction Act that is a key part of Biden’s agenda.

The bulk of the money in the GOP bill would go to help Israel replenish and bulk up its weapons systems, including $4 billion for the Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems. The measure also includes $200 million for the protection of US personnel and evacuation of American citizens.

Notably, it completely omits humanitarian aid for Gaza.

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As Washington looks to hand over $14 billion to Israel, the number of recurring applications for unemployment benefits in the US has risen for the sixth straight week, indicating that those who have lost their jobs are starting to have more trouble finding new ones.

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