Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Evening 2-22-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News  Thursday Evening 2-22-24

Good Evening,

Several companies are delisting their shares on the market as of late. There is a reason for that happening.

“Being delisted does not mean that a company is no longer public. In fact, shareholders can still trade their shares on a smaller exchange, or “over-the-counter.” However, being delisted normally leads to a devaluation of the stock, and decreased liquidity for investors.”

Sometimes mergers take place to cause these things, or a cash-out opportunity takes place. There are many reasons for this happening. I am just noticing that there are several taking place right now.

Several companies are just not able to meet compliance issues for the SEC such as capital requirements or collateralization of their company is more than they can afford due to losses happening in the market.

Many companies are facing the consequences of having not switched over to SOFR lending services last year when it became available. The system is changing my friends. IPO Hub  Investopedia   SEC

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“Harvard International Law Conference: Bretton Woods 3.0 and the Future of International Economic Law”


“Join the Harvard International Law Journal and Law & International Development Society for our Spring 2024 conference titled: “Bretton Woods 3.0? Emerging Questions and Changes in International Economic Law.

The event will occur throughout the day of March 2, 2024 at Austin Hall on the Harvard Law School campus.

This year’s conference features four panels and one keynote speech focusing on the changing nature of multilateral cooperation in international economic law. Each discussion will cover key topics related to this theme, drawing on experts from the legal industry, academia, and intergovernmental organizations.”

* This is not an announcement. It is a conference. Yet, what is being discussed just so happens to be what we are looking to hear.

A conference is a gathering of people to learn new ideas and share what the experts have to say about what is currently taking place in the world inside their professions.

I have heard it said long ago, and you have heard many of the ideas presented to you come from academic sources. Why? Academia teaches what is about to happen before it happens and as it is happening. All you have to do is look at their syllabi and know what is taking place in the world for it is taught long before it is brought into being.  ASIL



The latest FOMC meeting notes recently told us that quantitative tightening or holding on to higher interest rates for longer will be used until the midpoint of the year.

It is one of the ways the Fed lowers their balance sheet and creates liquidity for the markets. So far, we are being told that their intentions to begin the process of lowering interest rates will begin sometime in May or June.

June is the most likely scenario as MICA stablecoin and crypto regulations in Europe will be completed by that time. The lowering of interest rates will create a bull market, and the markets are expected to do very well with this pivot.

It will give more purchasing power to the dollar, more purchasing power to our tokenized assets, and more purchasing power to Gold. We will be inside a new digital economy by that point. Many of the global assets will be digitized by that time and are expected to be at 90% by the end of the year.

The growth of the new economy is expected to commence the second half of this year allowing our money across the world to begin noticing more liquidity inside the Forex markets.  Investopedia  Wolf Street



“India to Develop GIFT City Currency Derivatives Market”

A Currency Derivative Market utilizes an underlying asset to support the currency being sold as an asset.

Remember, all assets on the market including Forex are to be tokenized and tokens are supported by commodities such as gold. 

Can you see what’s happening here? All roads lead to gold, and “digital gold” will set us free.  IFSCA

Watch Gold.

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It looks like our currency markets are finally getting some attention.

Banking Announcement:

Crypto Politain

Gold Announcement:

Kinka Gold has issued its first tranche of $XNK tokens onto the market, opening retail adoption with its listing on CoinW. The tokens represent an exciting time for gold on the blockchain, with tokenized gold predicted to become a mainstay in DeFi markets, especially as more institutional investors begin adopting crypto, and more use-cases for on-chain gold are developed.

Kinka Gold is 100% reserve-backed by premium 99.9% Japanese gold that conforms to all LBMA standards. The gold is held in bankrupt-remote vaults, is fully audited, and is entirely compliant with all Japanese regulations. The price of each $XNK token is pegged directly to the price of gold, with 1 $XNK equivalent to one fine troy ounce of gold that meets LBMA standards.

The gold is issued by a subsidiary of Daiichi Commodities, a Japanese trading house that has been trading gold for over 40 years.   Crypto Mode


Monetary Authority of Singapore Announcement:

MAS/TCRS/2024/01 : Advisory on Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Quantum

This advisory outlines cybersecurity risks arising from developments in quantum computing, and highlights mitigating measures that financial institutions should consider.

VIEW DOCUMENTMAS/TCRS/2024/01 : Advisory on Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Quantum  (135.3 KB)


No investors, let alone billionaires, will want to own stocks with falling profit margins and shrinking dividends. So if that’s why Buffett, Paulson, and Soros are dumping stocks, they have decided to cash out early and leave Main Street investors holding the bag.  Safe Retirement Strategies


Soon, people are going to look for places they can put their money in safe havens. Digital assets will be right in their faces. Gold and crypto. The first movers of the new economy.




We care about each of you and trying to keep this community safe.

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