Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Evening 5-23-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Thursday Evening 5-23-24

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What Is a Private Wealth Manager?

A bank’s ledger balance is a record of all transactions that have been processed and approved at the end of a business day, including deposits, withdrawals, interest income, and bill payments.

That being said, is it really a stretch to anyone’s imagination that we are moving into a digital processing center on a Global scale, and the banking system is just simply one section interfaced onto a Quantum Technological Systematic set of protocols designed to run numbers on equations until a balance between two parties are cleared?

Yes, we are finding that many positions in the banking system and around the world can be automated. Still, the need for a personal touch remains. This would account for why Personal Wealth Manager positions are on the rise and Banks are currently making these changes to meet the needs of a new society.

The synchronization of human behavior and technological advances are currently being held at a balance. Where we go from here will be determined by the choices both AI and Human Nature co-create in this new world. 

There will always be pros and cons to each choice we make going forward, but the integration of the Techno-Human Race is forging a new path. It is an experimentation beyond everything we have encountered so far in history.

Movement forward is both scary and filled with opportunity. Yet, inside each of us is an explorer of space and time. We are walking into new frontiers and decisions will have to be made by each of us how far we are willing to go.

The transition into digital money and sudden wealth is a much larger step than many realize. We will cross over into a dimension of life few have seen in this lifetime.

We are at a crossroads, and movement into a new digital world that moves our money and the choices we make is rapidly approaching.

True freedom will not be the result of sudden wealth. Freedom comes from a much deeper place. The more that is given to us, the more is required for us to reach into those places hands can no longer touch. Here, we ask for wisdom and guidance from a place of creativity. Our creative nature knows how to walk beside the presence of our Creator forming a relationship that always has, is, and will be with us to the end.

The time to evolve is right in front of us now, and the choice to become creative entrepreneurs exploring New Frontiers is calling on us to resonate with new vibrations capable of moving our attention into higher ground.  |  CFA Institute

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“XRP Price Nears Major Converging Point: Analyst Predicts 3,600% Jump To $20” |  Trading View

When you take a look at some of the technical analysis on the price of XRP, it currently has a Relative Strength Index potential of moving into a bull run.

“An RSI is a technical tool used to measure the speed and change of price movements in a cryptocurrency. It is also used to determine the short-term momentum of a cryptocurrency’s market.”

Twenty dollars would be just a beginning point of reference to obtain on its way to integrating its full demand over time at much higher levels.

Remember, Ripple is the liquidity coin that allows the movement of our money to take place in the digital economy. Ripple uses its cryptocurrency, XRP, as a liquidity bridge for cross-border payments. Financial institutions can convert fiat currency into XRP, send it across the XRP Ledger blockchain, and then convert it back to the destination currency.

It is necessary for Ripple to have a much higher price range than it is currently displaying to bring in a catalyst for its movement.

Ripple is moving from a speculative investment to one that is based on demand. This shift in its purpose and its role in the new economy will raise it to much higher levels to meet these new demands inside the new digital asset-based economy.

From a trading perspective, the movement of Ripple in its price and demand will pull us into the next economy.

Watch Ripple.

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Lawmakers Push to Make IRS Direct File Program Permanent After Successful Pilot – Franklin County Free Press


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Text – H.R.4763 – 118th Congress (2023-2024): Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act | | Library of Congress 

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LIVE | FOMC Meeting Minutes Data Release – LIVE | 5/22/2024 | Youtube

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(ZiG/USD) IMF Calls Zimbabwe Switch to Gold-Backed ZiG an ‘Important’ Step – Bloomberg


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