Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday AM 12-26-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday AM 12-26-23

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“Container ships abandon Red Sea as allies scramble to fend off attacks”

The Suez Canal is the shortest distance between cargo ships moving from the East to the West. This will create new challenges for us going forward until this is resolved including price fluctuations.

I am aware that new Maritime Laws are progressing, and we need them as soon as possible given the state of the world.

As we work on easing tensions at sea, we are working on stabilizing prices inside the marketplace through gold and tokenized assets giving them real values through movement forward of Basel 3 and Protocol 20.

The movement forward of these two monetary policies will give us structure we need to begin creating price correlations that can manage many of the price distortions taking place through the movement of goods from the East to the West.

All of this affects the entire Market including Forex. We need structural mechanisms that will allow fair trade between countries to settle much of these disputes.

Artificial intelligence is coming into play through the new digital economy to enact protocols that will help create a More Level Playing Field.

Watch the water.
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Iraq is currently modifying their controls  inside their Foreign Currency exchange companies.

These new financial mechanisms will help them to regulate and move money both inside and outside of Iraq.
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The BRICS bloc, aiming to reduce dependency on the Western-led SWIFT payment system, has introduced its own alternative known as BRICS Pay, potentially setting the stage for a BRICS currency by 2024.

Despite the global dominance of the US dollar, with 48% of payments still conducted in the currency, the BRICS alliance is making strides in de-dollarization through economic cooperation and the development of BRICS Pay.

As per Fortune Magazine, BRICS Pay could diminish the reliance on the US dollar in developing economies by replacing SWIFT, leading to an integrated payment system and possibly a new currency under the BRICS umbrella, leveraging the New Development Bank’s initiatives.


“Ripple, Hedera, Stellar, and Cardano are looking to partner with central banks, aiming to revolutionize cross-border payments and promote financial inclusion.”

January is rapidly becoming a pivotal month. The transition into our new digital economy is indicating that movement ahead is near.

We have institutional money and major partnerships coming into play to seed the new digital economy through ETFs and tokenized assets that will engage and bring in a foundation of stability in our movement forward.

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Iraq to pay for imports from Turkey in Iraqi dinar – Iraqi News


Shafaq News / “The Iraqi Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday that, coinciding with the alteration of routes by several major international shipping companies due to security tensions in the Red Sea and Bab-el-Mandeb strait, Iraqi ports have emerged as alternative transit points for global cargo transportation from East to West.”

The rerouting of ports in the shipment of goods through Iraq will go a long way in increasing the demand for the Iraqi dinar.

These new demands will increase the Iraqi Dinar’s value through the movement of goods and services inside their ports from the East to the West.

The Iraqi shipping industry is becoming a focal point of interest to the new Global markets. Having a solid value on the use of their currency will go a long way in creating solid interests from investors seeking to capitalize on this new venture.

Watch the water.

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BTCUSD – Global securities body releases DeFi recommendations: Finance Redefined ADVFN Link


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