Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday Evening 1-9-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday Evening 1-9-24

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Lawmakers are now taking cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations to their states. On January 5, the Blockchain Basics Act, a bill that aims to protect several blockchain and cryptocurrency rights, was introduced in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature by Sen. Eliot Bolstar, putting the cornhusker state at the forefront of these initiatives.

The act seeks to guarantee the rights of Nebraskans to mine cryptocurrency without restrictions, exert the custody of their cryptocurrency assets, and transact with crypto. It also establishes the exemption of capital gains state taxes for cryptocurrency transactions under $200.  Bitcoin News Link


Leveling the playing field for stablecoins 

The race for Stablecoin adoption is underway. Stablecoins represent a country’s currency. The current technology is at T+1 settlement. The goal is to reach T + O settlement or instant settlement.

Patriot, the blockchain interbank payment network, already utilizes JP Morgan’s Coin as a Deposit Token throughout the current banking system.  This network has already achieved near-zero instant payment system technology.

The goal is to create a Level Playing Field among countries and their payment systems through T+0 settlements. And, Stablecoins are the path forward to reach this goal collectively.

For a Stablecoin to qualify in digital payment systems going forward, they will need a stable price equivalent to the country’s current regulated price on their currency. The use of gold backing each of these Stablecoins will help to achieve this goal.

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Russia and Iran step up de-dollarization drive with pact to shun the greenback in bilateral trade, report says

Russia and Iran have reportedly agreed to avoid the dollar in bilateral trade and use their own currencies instead.

The move is seen as part of the de-dollarization trend among nations to shift away from using the greenback in trade and investment.

Russia and Iran, both facing US economic sanctions, have been stepping up their cooperation.

Russia and Iran have entered into an agreement to avoid using the dollar in bilateral trade, relying instead on their own currencies, a new report says.   Business Insider Link


Several states are beginning to construct gold and silver depositories across the United States.

This growing option for holding your money in precious Metals and utilizing it through the use of a debit card of some type is a growing trend that is rapidly progressing.

“Oklahoma Bill seeks to create gold and silver depository | Oklahoma City”

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Digital Assets Market Poised For Mainstream Adoption, Anticipated Launch Of A Spot ETF Stands As Milestone In Bitcoin’s History – Report    Crowdfund Insider Link


XRP ETP Surfaces on Fidelity Investments Platform


In the next 24 hours, the CRYPTO World changes forever. It really doesn’t matter if the spot Bitcoin ETF is accepted or not tomorrow because it will be.

Put simply, there’s just too much money to be made in crypto for the big boys and girls to remain out of it within the companies that they own.

The new digital economy officially and spiritually will begin to change the world in ways we have never seen before.

The values we have placed on traditional assets will be valued differently through tokenized assets coming into play in the new digital economy.

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Exchange Stabilization Fund | U.S. Department of the Treasury


ISO 20022…. LET’S DO IT


👆 Now, Ethereum wants their own ETF. The Digital Financial system is here my friends.

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SEC Account ‘Compromised,’ Announces False Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler quickly refuted a post from the official SEC Twitter (X) account indicating the approvals.

👆 Not yet, tomorrow is the day we find out.


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