Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday Evening 2-27-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday Evening 2-27-24

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Sen. Cruz previously introduced legislation to prohibit the Federal Reserve from developing a direct-to-consumer central bank digital currency which could be used as a financial surveillance tool by the federal government in both 2022 and 2023.   6 hours ago    Cruz Senate  


“Let’s show WTO is alive’: UAE foreign trade minister says conference can be ‘launch pad’ for global trade”

The World Trade Organization is discussing with several countries how they are reforming the standards and percentages of trade opportunities among countries from around the Globe.

Focus is on leveling the playing field among some of the smaller countries giving them equal foothold and standing on the world stage.

Offering more Trade Networks for countries will give each country the ability to grow in bilateral trade relationships that will increase the need for their goods and services not seen before.

New demands on local currencies instead of the use of the dollar will provide greater purchasing power for these countries in process of Ascension into the WTO this week, of which, Iraq is one of them. Zawya

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“The future of DeFi savings is here: High Yield USD (hyUSD) is a fully asset-backed flatcoin created on the Reserve protocol.”

High Yield USD (hyUSD) is an overcollateralized DeFi savings flatcoin. It offers up to 8% APY for holders with the deployment of Reserve Protocol.

The Reserve protocol allows users to create tokens backed by a collection of other tokens, which can be used as stablecoins or composite assets. 

Composite assets allows the grouping of many Digital Networks or Assets to minimize risks and enhance profit on their growth.

With the emergence of Protocol 20, Web3 and Artificial Intelligence are merging blockchain groupings together.

The joining of Networks on the QFS is currently allowing us to expand into decentralized protocols in the monetary system separating us from Centralized Programs of the Old Financial System.

The deployment of these new digital smart contracts allows the interfacing of new Quantum Technologies. This is why an open banking system is important. It allows us to merge with new technologies inside the new Digital Asset Based Trading System.

When distributed ledgers have similar information records called blocks. They begin to talk to one another forming alliances on the blockchain. 

Soroban and Ethereum are currently joining forces to expand our QFS into new opportunities. The emergence of our new digital economy is beginning to take baby steps into the future.   The Defiant
CoinDesk    FX Empire
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We are clearly witnessing a shift in money flows regarding Treasury Bonds. The Global Economy is already changing the way we live and how we invest in the future.

Investor sentiment is changing. The move from intermediate-term Treasury Bonds to bonds with maturity dates of two, three, five, and even 10 years out is getting a second look.

Society is realizing that our economy is in transition, and many investors are beginning to pour their money into longer-term opportunities to grow their money. It looks like people are beginning to bank on a brighter future.

As our tokenized assets settle into new price patterns, the new digital gold economy will bring in new life inside a QFS.   CNBC
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We are living in a time whereby every asset on the market is connected. Instead of assets competing with each other, the future of our Global Markets are designed to enhance one another’s growth.

Gold is the bridge into this new economy through tokenized assets. And, the collaboration between networks and assets governed by standardized protocols will support each other’s growth in a way not seen before in history.   The Global Treasurer

“Where we go one, we go all.”

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