Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 10-11-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 10-11-23

Good evening,

Trading Reforms, Tax Reforms, T+1 settlements on the markets, Vietnamese platforms being placed on US market platforms, Electronic Crypto Reforms, Global Tax Reforms for emerging markets, Digital Trade Reforms, and more.

This is just a few items that are taking place every day in creating the new digital payment system.

As we continue to globally tokenize our assets and move into Protocol 20 in the banking system that allows for Quantum Technologies to be interfaced going forward, just know that people, and places, and organizations around the world are about to change the way we live.

Is important to embrace this fact. Nothing can change what is about to happen.

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US credit downgrade means junk sovereign bonds now outweigh AAA debt for the first time, Fitch says

 Active junk bond markets indicate the market is overbought. Investors pull back during these times and do not take as many risks. It causes Market volatility and downturns.

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The role of Google, Amazon and Immutable in the development of the web3 industry

Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have demonstrated several times in recent months that they are willing to invest in the crypto world, especially in the development of the web3 industry.

Today the decentralized game platform Immutable announced a strategic partnership with Amazon to accelerate the onboarding of game developers into the web3 and promote digital ownership of objects to millions of players worldwide.

Amazon’s role will be critical in this context because within its AWS cloud we find the presence of gaming giants such as Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Games, Riot Games and Epic Games.

This is a very important collaboration because it aims to stimulate mass adoption of games on blockchain by leveraging the reliability, luster and scalability of the traditional web giant.
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“The ACAMS Certified Global Sanctions Specialist (CGSS) certification is the global program for equipping professionals with the tools they need to understand and interpret changing sanctions regimes.

CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) is the global gold standard in AML certifications, with more than 40,000 CAMS graduates worldwide.

KYC, or “Know Your Customer”, is a set of processes that allow banks and other financial institutions to confirm the identity of the organisations and individuals they do business with, and ensures those entities are acting legally.

Customer communication management (CCM) in banking fits right in with this change, providing financial institutions with an effective and efficient tool to offer increasingly digital customers the opportunity for a true multichannel journey.”

The above certifications have been ongoing since the beginning of the year and will continue going forward for Iraq.

They have been in logistics training for the new digital banking system that will allow them to function within it on a global scale.

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PayPal, Visa and Mastercard, Apple Pay, Stripe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Paytm.

What do they all have in common? Local and international payments.

These Giants of the new digital payment system are paving the way for the road ahead and crypto adoption.

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For years I have been encouraging you to save your copper pennies and nickels.

Have you ever wondered why you were seeing so many bright shiny pennies these days handed to you from the banks?

The following is why.

Citi – “Buy Copper now before the rally to $15,000.”

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Furex launches an App for digital assets trading – Businessday NG
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J.P. Morgan Fusion launches Data Mesh solution

J.P. Morgan has launched the Securities Services Data Mesh, a data solution that allows investors to access critical investment data from J.P. Morgan’s custody, fund accounting, and middle-office services. It is delivered via Fusion by J.P. Morgan.
Asset Servicing Times


Bitstamp’s Big Move: Partnering with Three European Banking Giants
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Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani on Wednesday confirmed Iraq’s readiness to join the BRICS group.

The Prime Minister said in a statement to RT during a dialogue session with representatives of the Iraqi community in Russia, and was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (conscious): “Iraq is ready to join the BRICS group if it receives an invitation from the founding countries,” noting that “Iraq understands the role played by the group and understands the conditions and specifications of joining it.”

On the Palestinian issue, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for “the principled position of Russia on the Palestinian issue,” noting that he “discussed this file with President Putin in-depth and out of concern for the lives of civilians.”


JUST IN: 🇺🇸 US debt rose by $1.2 billion per hour for the past 19 days.



We are now 21 days into the Protocol 20 upgrade. The upgrade itself is in the testing phase until the end of October.

During this testing phase, new digital tokens are currently “validating new transactions and maintaining the security of the blockchain.”

Once the blockchain is secured, new tokens can be logged onto the system after the testing period is over. And then, we will have a vote to move forward.

This update will provide support for businesses and developers who have an interest in creating tokenized assets on the Stellar Network.

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Debt Markets Shifting Towards Collapse  with @GregoryMannarino


The Big Riggers look like they are at the very bottom of their rigging operation with very few entities willing to go further short than they already are. 
Now we move up and it’s all about WHO is going to short the derivative market enough to slow down the Silver Moon Shot!

SILVER ALERT! Criminal Silver Banks Set Up FINAL Physical vs. Derivative BATTLE! (Bix Weir) 


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