Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 12-20-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 12-20-23

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In recent letters directed to United States lawmakers, Tether disclosed it has a Know Your Customer (KYC) program, a transaction monitoring system and a proactive approach to identifying suspicious accounts and activities.

“We have always assisted law enforcement when called upon to act, and we remain fully committed to continuing to work proactively with agencies globally. Tether has and will assist in identifying and freezing addresses subject to sanctions, engaged in illicit activity, or engaged in any form of terrorist financing.”

Tether also disclosed it uses surveillance monitoring tools to continuously track client activity, and onboarded the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to its platform as part of collaboration efforts with law enforcement. Tether said:”These strategic relationships reinforce our commitment to supporting law enforcement in combating nefarious activities and contributing to the recovery of victims’ funds.”

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Ripple Hedera, Stellar, and Cardano (ADA) Embrace ISO 20022

The ISO 20022 is a global standard billed to replace SWIFT in the financial ecosystem.

Some cryptocurrencies including XRP, HBAR, XLM, and ADA are now compliant with the ISO 20022 standard.   CryptoNewsFlash Link


Ripple, a leading U.S.-based fintech company, increasingly focuses on CBDC projects in 2023, marking a strategic shift from its traditional retail payment solutions.

The company has been instrumental in developing government-backed digital currencies in various regions.

Ripple’s involvement in the CBDC space extends to collaborations with the Digital Euro and Digital Pound associations and a technical partnership with Mastercard’s stablecoin.


Scheduled Maintenance: Decommission Ticker service on Tuesday, January 2nd 2024, at 4:00pm UTC (10:00am local time)

Stellar will be permanently decommissioning its Ticker service on Jan 2 2024. The service will be shut down permanently.


Asset Demand Systems in Macro-Finance

Real values on assets and in this case tokenized assets backed by commodities are determined in real time.

Tokenized Assets will find their use case scenario demand/values, and a certain percentage or fixed rate of gold will determine the rest.

At that time Banks and Markets will be able to synchronize their transactions.

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UPI & FedNow: Transforming Digital Payments in India and USA💰📱

In a world where digital transformation is reshaping every aspect of life, two payment systems — UPI in India and FedNow in the USA — stand as beacons of innovation in the financial sector. Both are redefining how money moves in two of the world’s largest economies, yet they cater to their unique market demands and regulatory landscapes.  Medium Link


BRICS in the Land of Energy Transition     OilPrice Link


Here Come the New Listings of Existing Homes, Prices Drop Further, Demand Remains at Collapsed Levels     Wolf Street Link


Price distortions are about to hit the market in January 2024.

If you follow this room, we will share how it will all be reeled in as the year goes on.


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S&P Global Ratings Launches Stablecoin Stability Assessment – Dec 12, 2023

SPGlobal Press Link


Brink of Financial World War 3 as it Becomes West Versus the Rest – Willem Middelkoop


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