Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 2-14-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 2-14-24

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Yesterday’s CPI index reading or inflation index did not reveal what the Federal Reserve or Investors wanted to see. This caused a pullback in the market from investors whose hopes of a first or second-quarter pivot or reduction of interest rates have been threatened.

Many are beginning to ask themselves, is the debt so great that inflation may never go back to 2% as the Federal Reserve hopes under the current system?

At this point, traders are reassessing how they are going to approach the market. Many investors are putting their money inside tokenized assets such as gold and crypto. This is why we didn’t see crypto follow the market yesterday.

A great deal of investors have been investing in crypto, but we have yet to see many move over into hard assets such as gold and silver like we have crypto. It’s coming.

Traders are realizing that the Federal Reserve’s tools for reducing inflation may not come soon enough without draining their personal reserves and holding on to a dream that may never come.

At this point, we can expect the markets to get even more volatile than they already are and more distorted due to money flowing into other countries from ours in aid to support them.

This will prop the dollar up until that flow of money is cut off or the flow of institutional money and whales become so great inside the new digital asset-based economy that influences on the market begin to change.

Consumers make up 70% of the US economy. It’s time for the people to speak and make their opinions known. When crypto and commodities become the choice of the people, voices will be heard. New choices will be made. The new people’s economy will emerge.

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“The mission discussions covered policies to restore macroeconomic stability and improve growth prospects, focusing on finalizing the transfer of the RBZ’s quasi-fiscal operations to the Treasury and addressing other sources of fiscal pressures; liberalizing the foreign exchange market and establishing an effective framework for exchange rate and monetary policies; and progressing on reforms to improve economic governance.”

IMF Staff Completes 2024 Article IV Mission to Zimbabwe. Article 4 with the IMF is a bilateral discussion on monetary policies that will allow them to move forward with direction. It will allow a country’s consultation with them to fully inform all involved of a good path forward.

This is the second country in Africa to be given the green light to move forward with free-floating exchange rates. This will allow Zimbabwe to put their money on a supply and demand platform allowing the markets to determine their new exchange rates.   IMF

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“Regulatory licensing is a process by which businesses obtain permission from government authorities to operate within a specific industry or jurisdiction.”

Simply put, cryptocurrency custody solutions are digital storage providers that store and secure services for cryptocurrencies in large amounts of an asset class to be held in a custody wallet safely.

In this case, Ripple is agreeing to acquire Standard Custody & Trust Company. It is an enterprise-grade regulated platform for digital assets. Ripple is moving forward with regulated compliance protocols that will make this asset a trusted virtual asset in the new digital banking economy.

Standard Custody & Trust Company is a custody and escrow service, chartered under a grant given by the New York State Department of Financial Services. This service is under compliance with federal legislation.   CoinTelegraph   LawInsider

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Trade Announcement:

“Nigeria-Vietnam trade chamber partners UNILAG to revolutionize microchip industry.”

Nigeria and Vietnam are making bilateral trade agreements to move forward with the microchip industry.

As we learned just a few days ago, Nigeria is moving to a free floating rate exchange allowing supply and demand to determine their exchange rate.

Microchips and semiconductors play a critical role in the Global Economy, and these new demands will increase new economic influences in each other’s countries and the world.

There is no doubt that this particular move between Nigeria and Vietnam in the microchip industry will influence the exchange rate in both countries.   Business AM Alive.    Wikipedia

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In recent years, a transformative wave has been sweeping the financial industry, reshaping the credit landscape in emerging markets. Credit scoring in these regions has historically relied heavily on factors such as employment history and income, with the underbanked and those without formal employment finding themselves excluded due to rigid criteria. New innovations are set to be the turning point for financial freedom in these regions.

At the forefront of this innovation drive are alternative data, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms, and agile cloud platforms employed to build credit scores for underbanked communities. Utilizing new technologies allows banks to offer better financial solutions and increase access to individuals and communities traditionally excluded from formal financial institutions.


Understanding Stablecoins:

Price stability: Unlike volatile cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are pegged to real-world assets like fiat currencies (USD, EUR) or a basket of assets. This stability attracts investors seeking refuge from volatile price swings.

Bridging the gap: Stablecoins act as a bridge between traditional finance and crypto, enabling easier entry and exit from crypto markets.

Diverse use cases: From facilitating payments and lending to powering decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, stablecoins have broad utility.

Liquidity and Stablecoin Expansion:
Increased investment: As stablecoin adoption grows, more capital flows into crypto markets, boosting overall liquidity.

Efficient trading: Stablecoins provide readily available assets for buying and selling other cryptocurrencies, reducing friction and improving trading efficiency.

Deeper DeFi markets: DeFi protocols rely heavily on stablecoins for lending, borrowing, and other financial activities. Increased stablecoin supply fuels these activities, expanding DeFi market sizes and functionalities.

Reduced volatility: A larger pool of stablecoins can help absorb market shocks, potentially dampening overall crypto market volatility, and attracting further investment.  Blockchain Magazine



The Central Bank in Zimbabwe has accumulated nearly a ton of gold since introducing a law that forces mining companies to pay part of their royalties using gold.

Now, they are working on backing the nation’s currency with gold.

Zimbabwe has applied to join the BRICS New Development Bank.

The BRICS development bank has said they aim to start loans in local currencies to lessen dollar dependency and foster a multipolar global financial system.

Gold will play a massive role in the future, just like it has in the past.

We are living in transformational times.

Grab a seat.



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