Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic Sunday Evening 2-25-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic Sunday Evening 2-25-24

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. — “Reno County State Rep. Michael Murphy is backing a bill to allow for physical precious metals to pay for items in Kansas.”

Kansas is the first state to run this proposal through the legislative committee process. Florida, Utah, Texas, and Oklahoma are all working on one.

If successful, these states will have their own depository. People will be able to use a debit card that represents the gold and silver held in this depository just like a bank.

The difference is that gold and silver is held in the depository and not paper money. Hutch Post

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“Among the largest Citibank in the U.S. has conducted a simulation in which blockchain was used to tokenize a private equity fund, which could pave the way for greater institutional adoption of blockchain.”

This pilot program is still in process. Yet, the soon-to-be adoption of crypto regulation and stablecoin utility use will make this a viable choice in the near future.

ETFs, collateralized assets, and tokenized assets held in a custody wallet are beginning to find their way into the banking system.

The simulations of blockchain transactions have been tested and seen as seamless movements of digital money very similar to the way traditional banking transactions have taken place.

The difference is that tokenized assets are collateralized by precious metals moving our banking system into a real-world asset type of transaction based on real values. CTN News l Chiang Rai Times

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“The US securities regulators are embarking on a comprehensive reform of the market infrastructure for US Treasuries. US Treasuries are debt securities issued by the United States Department of the Treasury to fund government spending.”

These include:
Treasury bills (T-bills)
Treasury notes (T-notes)
Treasury bonds (T-bonds)

With the introduction of New Dealer Registration Requirements for the CFTC and the SEC, they will be working closer together in the future. EVERYTHING WILL BE ROLLING OVER TO THE CFTC FOR GOVERNANCE AND TRANSPARENCY WITH THIS NEW INFRASTRUCTURE REFORM OF THE NEW DIGITAL ECONOMY.

This new requirement for the US Treasury to register as a dealer will provide more collaboration between the CFTC and the SEC. The SEC will take a more active role in registering the new tokenized asset economy and the CFTC will take a more active role in governing these assets.

These new reforms will enforce higher Capital Requirements and increase more regulatory oversight to the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

All roads lead to gold, and gold will set us free.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — As income tax filing season officially starts on Monday, a limited number of taxpayers in 12 states will soon be eligible to join an IRS pilot program that will allow them to calculate and submit their returns to the government directly without using commercial tax preparation software.

The Direct File pilot program is rolling out in stages. To start, certain government employees are being invited to participate in the first weeks. The program will expand in February and March to include additional taxpayers in certain states.   PBS


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