IDC Rehabilitates Two Oil Wells in Kirkuk

IDC Rehabilitates Two Oil Wells in Kirkuk

The Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) has completed the rehabilitation of two oil wells in Kirkuk’s Khubaz and Jambour oil fields successfully.

The Khubaz oil field’s well 43 was rehabilitated using the drilling rig with plate number 1. This marks the company’s first rehabilitation project for nine wells under the North Oil Company (NOC).

As part of a project to rehabilitate four wells in the northern Jambour field, the company has finished rehabilitating Jambour Well 75 using the IDC 209 drilling rig.

Oil wells that have already been drilled can undergo rehabilitation operations to activate oil-producing layers, change production zones, or extract oil from multiple layers. This process involves replacing old, non-functional pumps with more efficient ones, which helps increase the amount of oil produced from these wells.