In fairness to this group… calls are escalating to approve a new salary scale

In fairness to this group... calls are escalating to approve a new salary scale

Today, Saturday, an individual from the Basra Common Board, Hassan Shaddad Al-Faris, required the reception of another compensation scale regulation for representatives to be reasonable for the lower grades of representatives working in state divisions.

Al-Tolls told , “The freedoms that a few specialists in government offices get are not comparable with the endeavors they give.

“The government is also required to activate the social and health security law for private sector workers,” he added.

Al-Faris brought up that “the average workers in Iraq is viewed as the backbone of the nation’s renaissance and progress,” calling for “reasonableness to representatives working in state divisions with lower grades and an expansion in their expert remittances.”

Most representatives in state offices are as yet anticipating a choice from the public authority in regards to the new compensation scale, particularly after numerous parliamentary solicitations to set up the scale to accomplish equity among workers in different services.