Integrity controls operations to steal seeds worth (5) billion dinars in Babylon

Integrity controls operations to steal seeds worth (5) billion dinars in Babylon

The Babil Governorate’s seed purifying factory and the Directorates of Retirement and Real Estate Registration were the sites of arrest operations conducted by the Federal Integrity Commission, which said that two accused persons had been taken into custody as a result of those activities.

Speaking about the operations conducted in compliance with a judicial memorandum, the Government Information and Communications Office of the Authority reported that a team from the Authority’s investigation office in Babylon discovered operations to steal seeds valued at over (5,000,000,000) five billion dinars, indicating the establishment of a seed purification laboratory in the governorate. By forging an agricultural plan and using it to steal seeds, the Nineveh Governorate farmers were deprived of the seeds that were supposed to be given to them by the factory. It was revealed that the factory management had prepared forged processing transactions and issued forged instruments under the names of the farmers.

The Information Office further stated that after encouraging transactions for the disbursement of differences in pension files in violation of the controls and instructions, and stating that more than (40,000,000) had been disbursed, the staff of the Babylon Investigation Office arrested the official of the military department in the Babylon Retirement Directorate and another employee, for purposeful harm to the funds and interests of the entity in which they work. One million dinars retroactively, with the date of the medical committee’s decision’s issue serving as the fixed context for allocating the discrepancies.

The staff of the Babylon office, he continued, kept an eye out for instances of forgery and tampering in the Real Estate Registration Directorate. They noted that the Directorate had altered record pages belonging to state-owned land and substituted new ones, as well as tampered with maps of agricultural land plots, resulting in the “distortion” of land plots in the new plan.