Iraq and Jordan launch electricity grid interconnection in Al-Anbar’s Rutba district

Iraq and Jordan launch electricity grid interconnection in Al-Anbar's Rutba district

On Saturday, the Iraqi Clergyman of Power Ziad Ali Fadhil initiated the main period of the Iraqi-Jordanian power lattice between association in the Rutba locale of Al-Anbar Govrnorate, western Iraq.

Fadhil, joined by a few clergymen and senior authorities from power transmission and dispersion organizations, officially worked the Risha line, empowering the transportation of power from Jordan to Iraq, especially helping the Rutba locale.

A source clarified for that the underlying functional limit of the line is 50 megawatts, with plans to expand it to 500 megawatts in the future as extra association stages are finished to cover more extensive areas of Al-Anbar.

During a public interview, Clergyman Fadhil featured the “significance of finishing the Jordanian electrical association, which makes way for ensuing stages, including the Bay association for Basra territory and the Saudi association.”

On Thursday, the chief General of the Jordanian Public Power Organization, Amjad Al-Rawashdeh, told the state news organization Petra, “The Jordanian-Iraqi electrical association line entered administration on Saturday, associating the Risha electrical station in Jordan with the Rutba station in Iraq at a voltage of 132 kilovolts to supply capacity to the Rutba region close to the boundary.”

Remarkably, Iraq’s flow power age limit goes from 19,000 to 21,000 megawatts, yet the nation’s interest surpasses 30,000 megawatts.

Iraq depends on Iran for almost 33% of its power, however this has been dependent upon interferences. For example, when Tehran decreased gas supplies to Iraq from 50 million cubic feet to 8.5 million cubic feet due to “neglected bills,” boundless power deficiencies struck focal and southern governorates. Accordingly, Baghdad has tried to enhance its power supply through suggestions to nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Jordan, and Kuwait.

Throughout the long term, Baghdad has depended on bringing in 1,200 megawatts of power from adjoining Iran to supply supplement its homegrown power.

Notwithstanding the concurrence with Jordan, the nation endorsed in 2022 an update of understanding with Saudi Arabia for power interconnection.