Iraq and Turkmenistan Discuss Gas Imports

Iraq and Turkmenistan Discuss Gas Imports

During a meeting with the Minister of State for Gas Affairs of Turkmenistan, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil expressed their desire to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the energy industry.

During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of strengthening their collaboration in various fields and recognized both countries’ potential. They emphasized working together to supply gas to power stations and signed a memorandum of understanding to solidify their cooperation. The Ministry presented some promising investment opportunities, and Iraqi companies were invited to participate in these opportunities.

Turkmenistan’s Minister of State for Gas Affairs, Mr. Maxat Babaiev, expressed satisfaction with the bilateral cooperation and considered the gas supply agreement to be the start of increased prospects for cooperation between the two countries.

Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, Mr. Ziad Ali Fadel, stated that the Ministerial Energy Council is pursuing a memorandum of understanding with Turkmenistan as a rapid solution to improve production and increase power supply for citizens.

Mr. Azat Saber, the Deputy for Gas Affairs at the Ministry, stated that the signing of the memorandum and the agreement with Turkmenistan were the outcomes of the joint efforts made by the ministerial team from the Ministries of Oil and Electricity. These efforts involved extensive discussions and meetings held during his visit to Turkmenistan in August of the previous year to identify the common objectives.

Several officials from the Ministries of Oil and Electricity attended the meeting.