Iraq Finalises Oil Export Data for August

Iraq Finalises Oil Export Data for August

The Ministry of Oil in Iraq has released the final figures for oil exports during the month of August.

  • The total number of barrels of crude oil that were exported is 106,122,679.
  • The revenue generated from exporting crude oil was $8.997 billion.
  • Central and southern Iraq exported 105,236,963 barrels of crude oil.
  • The transportation of goods from Kirkuk through the port of Ceyhan has been halted.
  • The amount of oil exported to Jordan via truck was 464,725 barrels.
  • The amount of barrels exported from Qayyarah was 420,991.
  • Average daily crude oil exports slightly decreased in August to 3.423 million bpd from 3.444 million bpd in July.
  • The average price per barrel is $84.787.