Iraq is looking forward to joining the World Trade Organization

Iraq is looking forward to joining the World Trade Organization

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Commerce confirmed the government’s desire to join the World Trade Organization, particularly after the Saudi representative in the organization, Saqr Al-Muqbel, was appointed to manage Iraq’s accession file, noting that his recent visit to Baghdad helped to address a number of important issues.

The service’s true representative, Muhammad Hanoun, told the authority media, “Iraq joined as an eyewitness On the planet Exchange Association from 2004, and until 2023, this promotion dealt with numerous issues and difficulties, the latest of which was the inability to pay the contribution to join the spectator association, yet after the declaration of the taxpayer supported initiative State leader Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani started working again on the chance of Iraq joining this association, as two meetings occurred and a discourse was held with the association by the Iraqi arranging group headed by the Pastor of Trade, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, which incorporated every one of the significant Iraqi services and bodies.

Hanoun went on to say, “The World Trade Organization assigned the Saudi representative to the organization, Saqr Al-Muqbel, to manage the file of Iraq’s accession, and he came to Baghdad on an important visit and met with the Iraqi negotiating team, and many issues were addressed, the most important of which were the files of goods and services, as well as the legislation that the Iraqi economic reform team in the Prime Minister’s Office would carry out.” By tackling it within the rules and laws under which the World Trade Organization functions.”

He went on to say, “Joining will achieve many things for Iraq, most notably that it will support the file of Iraqi goods and facilitate their entry into global markets, and secondly, the harmonization of Iraqi laws and regulations with international laws and regulations,” and noted that “Iraq has today become a major economic player on the world level and needs to harmonize Iraqi laws with international laws.” .

He stated that “Minister of Trade Atheer Al-Ghurairi attended the third session of the World Trade Organization, which was held in the Emirate of Dubai in the UAE, and met with the organization’s Assistant Director-General.” We expect that the conference will make progress in realizing the government’s ambitions for admission in an expedited manner,” praising “the Saudi efforts in overcoming several unique challenges.” Iraq joins the World Trade Organization.