Iraq Reveals Joint Projects with Saudi in Healthcare, Pharma

Iraq Reveals Joint Projects with Saudi in Healthcare, Pharma

New initiatives with Saudi Arabia, centered on the establishment of pharmaceutical manufacturers and health facilities, have been launched by the Iraqi Health Ministry.

Saleh Al-Hasnawi, the minister of health, stressed the important developments in Iraqi-Saudi ties, including the political, economic, and service sectors, in an address to the state-run media.

He added that the two ministries are collaborating to build pharmaceutical factories by encouraging the private sectors of both nations to work together on health facilities throughout the provinces of Iraq, supported by a grant from Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hasnawi emphasized the Health Ministry’s backing for the growth of the regional pharmaceutical sector by pointing to developments and insights gained from Saudi Arabia. Given the similar background of pilgrimage travels between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the minister emphasized the significance of sharing experiences, particularly in the areas of public health, infectious illnesses, and treatment.