Iraq takes Delivery of New Crane Barge

Iraq takes Delivery of New Crane Barge

Iraq has taken conveyance of another crane barge, the “Shanashil”.

Talking at an introduction service held at Umm Qasr Port in Basra area, Oil Pastor Hayan Abdul Ghani featured the meaning of this drive, pointed toward supporting public capacities in overseeing and keeping up with oil ports.

He said the new vessel will, “offer specialized help in tending to conventional or crisis issues experienced by offices and vessels, adding to support exercises by supplanting principal and auxiliary port hardware, rescuing wrecks, and overhauling port offices.”

With a length of 98.95 meters, a width of 29.7 meters, and a profundity of 6.5 meters, the Shanashil obliges up to 155 staff and is developed of sturdy steel.

As per an assertion fromi the Service of Oil, its sending is expected to save millions in hard cash for the state depository, recently designated for upkeep works.