Iraq to sign new maintenance contracts with General Electric

Iraq to sign new maintenance contracts with General Electric

General Electric (GE) said on Thursday that it will enter into long-term maintenance contracts with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, with a production capacity of about 9,000 megawatts.

GE also announced its intention to incorporate digital technologies into energy production in Iraq.

Rashid Al-Janabi, the company’s director in Iraq, said in a statement that GE is presently exploring long-term maintenance contracts in Iraq to ensure energy supply from the company’s gas-powered power facilities.

Al-Janabi highlighted that, in addition to establishing monitoring, control, and diagnostic centers to maintain and improve the system’s performance, the agreement with the Ministry of Electricity will greatly speed investment.

The agreement will entail the creation of a training center to improve the professional skills and leadership abilities of the Ministry of Electricity’s personnel.

The use of digital technology will improve and boost production capacity, as well as the efficiency of the units, allowing for the best possible output.