Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, Investment, News, Opinions, and Intel (01-07-2024)


These are Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, News, Opinions, and Intel Dinar Opinion

According to Intel Guru Frank26 :

The value of the IQD is increasing due to the depreciation of the USD, which is the key to monetary reform.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru Nader From The Mid East :

It’s going to be $3.50 to 1 and it’s going to play around Forex between $3.50 and $4.50. It’s true what I’m telling you. I’m not joking.

According to Newshound Guru Kaperoni :

Ali Al-Alaq, the current governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, confirms that Iraq’s money supply exceeds 100 trillion dinars.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Pimpy :

In 2003, you would receive $1.53 in US money for every 1 IQD returned.

According to Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram :

The world is more confident in a nation’s ability to thrive and maintain economic stability when its currency is stronger. What impact does a nation’s GDP have on its exchange rate? In other words, a larger GDP denotes a more robust and successful economy. This draws overseas investors, who must purchase the nation’s currency in order to make an investment. The currency’s value, or “rate,” rises as a result of this spike in demand.An improving economy and possible appreciation of the dinar are indicated by an increase in Iraq’s GDP. [Page 2 of 2]

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram :

“What will it take for the Iraqi dinar to strengthen against the US dollar? Think of a country as a business. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shows the value of all goods and services produced in a year. A high GDP means a thriving economy. Conversely, the currency rate is like a company’s share price. It indicates how much the global market values a country.” [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

According to Newshound Guru Militia Man :

The Central Bank of Iraq has released instructions explaining their actions and methods. I am very excited about this news!

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru Frank26 :

Answer: “Are you looking for any major announcements from the CBI next week?” Your use of the phrase “major announcement” is plainly an attempt to trick me. Every friggin morning when I get up, I search for an announcement.

According to Newshound Guru Pimpy :

“They are speculating that the exchange rate might change to 12 to 1, which could happen in 2026. If this change happens tomorrow, I won’t have any dinar left after the exchange. Nevertheless, I would be content with the 12 to 1 exchange rate since I can use the money to pay off my house and other debts, and start fresh without any debt. Moreover, I will have some money left over to save for my retirement. You can determine how much it would mean in dollars for you by using the free Dinar Guru Calculator available at the top of this page.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru Bruce :

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